Which DVD RW is better.. Sony DRU-835S or Samsung SH-S203

Dear all
i need ur help urgent
i decide to buy a new DVD writer
i want to choose between Sony DRU-835S (Light Scribe)
and Samsung SH-S203 (Without Light Scribe)
all the sellers in my region here tell me that Sony is the best
also i noticed that the price of Sony is much highr than Samsung
i want a dvd writer can live for a long time and read and write over all medias…including the cheap media…
the quality and the life of the burner is my first decision
so…i’m going to Sony DRU-835S as all sellers here saying
do u have any other suggestion ? or i’m going to the right way
please help ASASP i’m going to by maximum by tomorrow

Uh…the Sony IS a Samsung, just a different model. I believe the 835A is a 18x Samsung SH-S182M. The 840A is the new S202H/J. If you want to burn cheap DVD media, you may want to get a Pioneer DVR-115/D instead, since that seems to handle it better.

Thx for ur reply
but u make me confuse now !!!
the pakageof the SOny tell that it’s 20X not 18X as you say !!!
what make me more confused that i try to search sony for the DRU-835S and there is no info about it…only the the DRU-853A !!
but i belive that The A and S for IDE and SATA …
but about 20X and 18X !! the pakage tell that its 20X
forget about the cheap media…what is the most important to me is the quality and the life time …
we don’t have pionner nowdays on our market…
only Samsung…Sony…ASUS…LG
and all ppl suggest samsung or Sony…
but your reply nao make me confused about the speed while the pakage tell another thing…is it a fake ?
also only sony S has lightscribe while the samsung doesn’t has
wait ur reply

Are you sure it’s not the 845S, since that model exists and is a 20x burner with LightScribe. If that’s the case, then it could be the S203N or a later model with LS. In either case, both the Samsung and Sony are the same drive, just whether you need/want LS or not.

If you want quality, get quality media and any burner should be fine.

The 835S…hmm…odd. [B]Arachne[/B] asked me about it earlier, but I thought she said the 835A. I would still expect it to be one of the Samsung 18x drives. The 835A seemed to be quite hidden from view in retail, so I’d expect the 835S to be fairly hidden, too.

Sony model = Samsung model:

In any case, I agree with [B]KTL[/B]'s suggestion about quality media working with almost any drive. Samsung-made drives can deal with some of the cheaper media, like Moser Baer and CMC [as long as they are good batches of media], but the drives cannot deal with super-cheap stuff like Princo most of the time.

about 845S !! i’ll check…may be you are right
but what i mean by quality is the burner quality it self
i was having NEC-Optiarc AD-5170A
in the start it was a nice burner
after one year it start to not recognize alot of DVD’s meda while the same dvd medias was working fine before with it
laster…it start to give me power calibration error…with dvd medias of the same i used to use !!
now…u can say that its dead after about 14 months
so…i mean here by the quality and the life time that i need my burner recognize medias…and never give me that shit errors…and does’r required to clean the lens (once you start to clean the lens of the burner…u start to loos ur burner time by time )

so…i’ll check now if its 845S or not…
so if its 845S…what do u suggest ? Sony or Samsung…as i see u see both the same only the diff is the LS…
but about the life time …no diff ?
thx in adv for ur kind reply

IIRC, some users here have experienced the short life of the 5170/7170 series, so it may not be surprising to see it fail. The only NEC I have is the 3500, which is still breathing, though not currently connected. The choices for burners nowadays are rampant, I could pick up 3 modern day ones for the same cost as what I paid for the 3500.

The Samsung and Sony should have the same “ideal” lifetime expectancy since they’re nearly identical, but it depends on whether it was a good day for each drive to have been built, so, there isn’t a definite answer. But for me, I would get the Samsung since its cost is about 1/2 that of the Sony here.

here Samsung is about 30US $
and Sony is about 38US $

it’s not much diff…only 8 $

so…while they are both identical as u said…so i think im going to spend more 8 $ for light scribe …
i think im going to Sony…
thank you so much

[QUOTE=Albert;2063961]The 835S…hmm…odd. [B]Arachne[/B] asked me about it earlier, but I thought she said the 835A.[/QUOTE]

Haha nope, S :slight_smile:

Regarding the 5170x…my 5170S is nearly a year old, and still going strong…really nice burner as well. Maybe it was made on a good day :bigsmile:


so…while they are both identical as u said…so i think im going to spend more 8 $ for light scribe …
i think im going to Sony…
thank you so much[/quote]There is one thing to consider:
Firmware support for Sony rebadged Samsung drives is poor - updates are rarely available.
Additionally, the 835S seems rare - didn’t find much information with Google. I’d go for the Samsungs because of this reason. Samsung 203N and its successor, 203P both support Lightscribe.


no…i’m not going to 835S…i’m going to 845S
is it rare too ?
the problem here is the only model of Samsung avliable is S203…(without lightscribe) which i think is 203D
so…i should select between 845S(20X) and S203D
so…please advise again

Apart from the LightScribe aspect - unless you can find a Samsung SH-S203N - I’d pick the Samsung anyway as tests here by members who own the drive (and CDF’s own review) show it to be a very good drive.

I’ve also had excellent experiences with Samsung drives.

wow !! you are going to change my mind to Samsung !!
so…i have to forget about the lightscribe of SONY
but the problem here that is the only Samsung avaliable is SH-S203 (this is as wrote on the pakage) !! what that should be ? D …or something else…i’m sure only that it doesn’t support lightscribe…so for sure it is not N…what shall i do to know the last letter of SH-S203 !! is there any thing else on the pakage can tell me which is the letter ? !!! or i go anyway with this series SH-S203 without thinking of the last letter …and forget again about lightscribe as per your advise ?

Is there no way you can find out what the last letter is on the model number before you purchase?

LightScribe or not, the Sammy is a good drive for less than the price of the Sony…unless LightScribe is a feature you feel you definitely want, I’d go for the Samsung.

Michael is correct about the firmware for Sony-badged Sasmung drives, BTW :wink:


there should be a sticker on the retail box showing the complete model number:

There are two generations of 203 drives:
1st gen: 203B or 203N (the latter with Lightscribe)
2nd gen: 203D or 203P (the latter with Lightscribe)


The S203N HAS LightScribe. The uncertainty with the Sony 845S (and the likes of 840A) is that you don’t know whether you are getting a S203N or some other S203 w/LightScribe. There is something like 6 or 7 different S203’s from the beginning until now, no one knows exactly what the differences are, perhaps just different model numbering for different parts of the world, yet the drives could be the same. Thus, the idea is to read off the actual label of the Samsung drive and see what it is. If there’s LightScribe, there should a symbol on the faceplate.

ok…i’m going to check and i’ll be back to u…
but what i’m sure now it doesn’t have lightscribe…
let me check first

I have a 203N here, haven’t fitted it yet…didn’t need the LightScribe really, but I liked what I was hearing about the 203x drives. :slight_smile:

Dear All
I have Purchased it
Samsung SH-S203D
the Samsung didn’t offer a lightscribe drives in my region…so…there is no N in my region…only D
but after all of your comments i decide to go to Samsung even without the lightscribe
i found that my drive come with Firmware ver SB00
by using ODD Firmware Live Update
i have updated it to the lastest ver (23-5-2008) SB01
just wish me a good luck that it was a good day for my drive to have been built !! :slight_smile:
do you still have any comments regarding my purchased drive ?
Sorry SONY…but i respect the comments of these guys here !! :slight_smile:

Good choice either way, IMHO. :slight_smile: Good luck with your new drive…and be sure to check out some of the fun stuff to try in the Samsung forum from time to time. :flower: