Which DVD+RW for Pioneer 109?



Which high speed DVD+RW is good for Pioneer 109? Or is the Pio not advisable for HS rewitable use?



Do what i do, and only stick to Verbatim media they do dvdr+/- 16x, dvd-/+ 6x/8x, dvddl -/+ 4x/8x aswell as many more but thats new fastest media.


Did u do rigorous test with RW media? oh well, i was interested in buying this Pioneer DVR-109 but information i read from the thread below discouraged me. Same 109 engine shot with FW to 110 but it can’t hold its head up. i don’t know how this drive stand up to RW media.
I need a drive that can properly burn both cd-rw and dvd-RWs. Not just verbatim media. Any best picks?


Fella, thanks for the info but please first read the question :slight_smile:

I asked DVD+RW, not -RW, not ±R, just +RW :slight_smile: Thx



Maybe this helps: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdwriters.php?DVDnameid=974&Search=Search&list=2#comments


Thanks, but only a few comments, and the only HS RW is a DVD-RW 6x, and there are no comments on that one.

Looks like no-one is using RW format with this burner? I keep finding only negative tests on RW media with Plextor and Pioneer…



No comments??

I’ve only used TDK -RW upto 4x and had no probs with them.
Normally Verbatim is the first choice.


The problem, here in the UK, is finding High Speed +RW media.

I know only one shop which sells 8x (Verbatim) DVD+RW, and it has no stock. :sad:

The fastest I use is 6x, and that is Verbatim DBD-RW.


Moomin, I can read and i gave you a answer inc more info, if you read pioneer site you would see they REC that brand anyhow.

I tell you what, i wont help you ever again how is that ?. :cool:


Yes, there are many comments on 4x and below, but none on 6x or 8x, so no high speed media comments.



How’s the writing quality on your 6x DVD-RW? Media isn’t the problem here, it’s finding out which one the Pioneer likes :wink:



That would be fantastic, I would be much obliged indeed :cool:



Here’s a QS of 97 which is pretty good.



Same overwrite test as always: 200 MB more with each cycle

Note that this Asus is a Pioneer A09.

Here the result with a NEC 3540A (to make sure you don’t blame the media :smiley: )


Thanks for the scans!

Is there any reason why Pioneer isn’t looking into this and fix this quality through a firmware update?



Maybe the media availability (which is not good) is the problem actually. Hope this will change.


I’ve had good results with both Ritek and Verbatim 6x DVD-RW on my Pioneer 109.
8x +RW from both Ritek and Verbatim are not supported.
4x +RW from Verbatim works well (MKMA02).


Also with firmware 1.58?


With firmware 1.58:
Verbatim 8x DVD+RW (MKMA03) supported at 4x maximum.
Ritek 8x DVD+RW (RITEK008) “supported” at 3x maximum, although burn process can often fail and writing quality is horrible.
Very disappointing!

My guess: DVD+RW support is lacking due to DVD Forum politics and Pioneer’s favor of the DVD-R/RW format.


Could be a valid explanation if DVD-RW write quality didn’t suck as badly on this drive as DVD+RW