Which DVD+-RW driver?


I’m looking for a DVD±RW driver.
I’m lookinf for Lite-on LD-411s and Pionner A06.
Which should I choose?
Give me reasons please :slight_smile:


It seems that the Pioneer drive is way more mature than the LiteOn is. I didn’t test them myself, but according to OC-Freak’s experiences, the write quality of the Pioneer is slightly better and it handles cheap media better. The LiteOn seems to be a little better in working with protected discs though…

Although the LiteOn doesn’t seem like a bad choice, I’d prefer the Pioneer… (for now, at least)

I think you can find very precise answers by browsing this forum, or using our magnificient search :slight_smile:

I would definately go with the Pioneer for now. The Liteon and BTC 1004 Dual both have potential but both need support for more DVD-R media.