Which DVD-RW drive should I give away?



I currently have 3 DVD-RW drives, LG 4167B (DL13 firmware), NEC 3520A (3.07 bitsetting firmware by Liggy) and Pioneer 110D (crossflashed to 110 8.39 Buffalo firmware) and I am giving one away tomorrow to a friend. I was wondering which drive the forum members think I should give away. Any thoughts?


Hi :slight_smile:
Nec 3520a. :iagree:


As above, zebadee beat me to it :bigsmile:


Dump the Pioneer.


I would never give my LG4167


Those are 3 nice drives ,but would agree with Zebadee & Arachne :iagree: , give him the Nec3520a … , let me know when you want to give the LG away lol …


Interesting, so far its 4 for the NEC and 1 for the Pioneer. I honestly didn’t expect the LG to get any votes and it hasn’t, LG optical drives are just so solid and well respected. The lone Pioneer vote so far has me puzzled as the other voters all seem to think the NEC is the one to give away, any further comments on your vote chas0039?


Another vote for the NEC ND-3520 here :wink:


Hi :slight_smile:
See posts are playing up yet again. Anyway 4 for Nec 1 for Pioneer & 0 for LG.

Edit: Have you edited your post 88keyz, I could’ve sworn that you had Nec @ 3. Maybe I need to lie down …again! :smiley:


Yes, I did. I noticed that my post appeared after pchilson’s post so I changed my 3 to a 4, your not going crazy though you still may need to lie down. Anyhow, anyone else have an opinion on the matter?


Sure, since you ask. I tested 7 different media on both my 3500 and my 3520 and I found that the two drives performed almost the same in burn quality. Also, the NEC 3500/20 were the best drives I ever found for burning +RW media, turning out burns almost as good as normal media.

No one would suggest giving up your NEC 3500 if that was on the list. Just to be impartial, note that if you had said you had an NEC 3540 I would have said jettison that drive.

I have looked at the burns from Pioneer drives on the same 7 media types and none of them ever approached the NECs or the LGs I have or the BenQ 1620 I had. The Pioneer burns were OK and always readable but the scan curves always had high PIF/PIE totals and frequently had bumps and slopes and peaks. If you want fast ripping from a Pioneer, you forgo bitsetting and vice versa. Lastly the only media I fond where the Pioneer drives were decent was MCC 003 and my LG 4166 turns out burns almost twice as good as those.

Lastly, the LG firmware needs no help. The Pioneer firmware is never hacked. L&D are constantly improving NEC firmware adding any number of features and improvements. All three of my NEC drives have their firmware and the 3500/20 firmware make my +R media just perfect.

I don’t hate Pioneer, they are just boring and all my media has better burns from other drives. I actually might get a 111 this weekend if I can see some scans on TYG02 as this is the only media I use a lot on which I cannot get a high quality burn. My standards are very high so I don’t want anyone taking offense.

There you are.


Very interesting comments chas0039. In truth the Pioneer drive was bought to be given away but my friend doesn’t know the DVD-RW in his computer from the arse in his pants so I thought that I would ask around and see if I should keep it instead of one of the other drives I already had. I did burn a TY 8x +R disc on the 110D(110) and the burn quality was pretty amazing (rated a 98 and the PO errors never went above 1) although I noticed that the media compat was not as good as either the LG or the NEC (I have a spindle of Philips +R CMC stuff that I use for burning stuff for friends and the Pioneer only supports the media at 8X though it is rated at 16X). I have had the NEC for over a year now and the drive has been fantastic. The LG was a recent upgrade from the 4163B which I had for about a year and loved. In fact I have owned the 4040B, 4081B, 4082B and 4120B as well and every LG burner has been the f’in best and the 4167B is not likely to leave my computer till my next LG comes along to replace it. The jury is still out on the NEC/Pioneer thing. Both drives support bitsetting with alternate firmwares, a must for me. Both drives do quality scanning, though neither is considered the best for it (Lite-ON or BenQ win there). And both drives have good write quality on +R media, which I tend to use more often. Still looking for other opinions and looking forward to hearing what people have to say about their personal experiences with these drives. Don’t be afraid to say why you think the LG, NEC or Pioneer drive should get the boot because I want to hear it.


All 3 burners are good ones, even more with patched firmwares applied. :wink:

From your list my prefs would be:

  1. Pio 110
  2. Lg 4167
  3. NEC 3520


Keep it for a spare!