Which DVD+RW discs should I buy for my SOHW 812S



I’m looking to burn some movies onto DVD+RW drives (then erase and burn new movies) for viewing on my DVD player. What DVD+RW media would you recommend for use with my SOHW 812S?

Thank you!


i use ricoh sold as arita +rw on a 811s the burn and erase fine


Do you get those on Newegg? Amazon?

Also, how specifically do you erase them?


Sony 4X DVD+RW discs, made in Japan. They can be erased through any burning program, Nero has it this way: Recorder ->Erase Rewritable Disc.


look on the internet google

dvd decrypter overwrite the old files again and again

its goes automatically


These are Ricoh W11s and they are great discs. I have used them for a while now. Be prepared for some problems on your 812S though. For me they burned almost perfectly for the first burn When I re-burned, the scan errors almost tripled. No amount of firmware clearing or hacks worked. They were still very readable but I don’t burn on the liteon anymore. My other drives re-burn like new.