Which DVD+RW 8x media can be used with Plextor 716A, 755A or 760A?



As the title states…
I have so far tried Ricoh 8x (W21), but they sure seem to be a disaster at 8x. I did not even find a place where to buy the recommended Verbatim MKM A03 DVD+RWs…
I have seen Philips and Traxdata offer DVD+RW 8x too, but I don’t need more disapointments. I seriously consider to get some DVD-RW 6x by verbatim, since they are in stores.


Look Here:



I am familiar with the plextor recommendations.

I did not even find a place where to buy the recommended Verbatim MKM A03 DVD+RWs…

The Ricohs are recommended too (for the 716A), but at 8x, I get a max PIE of 1444!

Drive Info ID:0 PLEXTOR DVDR PX-755A V1.02
Test Settings Read Speed: 2X CLV
Test Interval Length: Lowest Accuracy
Test Result Disc Info: NEW_VOLUME DVD+RW, 4459 MB (NEW_VOLUME)

     Avg  Max  Total   

PIE 211.35 1444 3767040
POF - - 0


Apparently not :disagree: There are no ‘recommended’ 8x +RW media for the 716! There are only ‘compatible’ ones, which is a message all by itself isn’t it?


Seriously, when I bought them, they were recommended, iirc. Today, there is no recommended 8x +RW media for the 716A at all. What is that supposed to mean? And would you call a PIE of 1444 “compatible”. I have just searched the web for Verbatim 8x +RW, but didn’t even find the product.

Plextor is selling this +RW x8 for over a year but still there is no working media… :doh:


It’s a testimony to that rewriting technology is only really good up to 4x and usable up to 6x with limitations. Even if newer drives do 8x (a bit) better than the 716 ever was able to, the results are still only mediocre at best. For comparison just go over to the other forums that discuss drives that support 12x DVD-RAM. The first scans are out now and they don’t look pretty either …

Oh, yeah. Over the past 6 months or so i’ve noticed that 32x CD-RW media have completely diapeared from local store shelves. Even 24x media have become hard to find. On the other hand there are plenty 10/12x media available. I wonder what made the store procurers decide not to sell 32x media anymore … to many customers complaining their discs “don’t work”?


NEC (3540, 4550) and BenQ (1655) drives do work properly with Ricoh 8x DVD+RW. It’s not the media’s fault…


What does Plextor say about this? It must have occured to them that their Kings of Quality don’t quite deliver. The 716A apparently never got better, I checked after a few FW updates. And the 755A seems to be worse: It can’t even erase the 8x write any more. I currently check if it can erase its own 6x write. At least the 716A could clean up after itself.
Philips also sells 8x Media. Is that Ricoh made or by some other manufacturer?


I just took another look at the 755A review in the sticky. There, traxdata media was tested ok. BUT they say they tested it as they tested DVD+R. Does that mean the displayed test was a write on a virgin disk? What significance would that have? Is there anyone here who can write decently with the 755A to an 8x DVD+RW?


Does that mean the displayed test was a write on a virgin disk? What significance would that have?
Usually, the 1st write succeeds, the 2nd and 3rd turn out bad, then it’s getting better.

You can find real overwrite tests for example here:



Thanks for the links, alexnoe. After taking a look at your pics for the 755A, I wonder if my drive is defective. My scans look rather different. This is a typical 8x result I get. Since the errors occur at the inner rim, the disc is not read in any more at some stage, and cannot be erased any longer. :Z If it would not be for the start, I could live with it.

Oh, and does a write have the same effects as an erase in your described quality behavior? I.e. do 5 erases do the same to the disk as do 5 writes? And if it has to be writes, can I write the same or must it be different?


I took hope from alexnoes statement and tried the 755A with the multiple rewrite strategy. Well, after the third try, the disk could not be rewritten! All Plex drives then refused to format the disk any more. This disk can still be rewritten nicely in a LG-4167B, but even after verifying the legibility of the produced disk, it won’t erase anymore in a plextor drive. This technology never ceases to amaze me…

I then turned to work on a 716A, and used that same multiple rewrite strategy with a used Ricoh +RW 8x. The results are not bad. The drive finally creates disks at 8x that stay below PIE 280 and will hopefully play downstairs. Just for the sake of curiosity, I wrote the same data again in the third run, and the result is obviously not representative. So one should change the data when doing this.

As a consequence, I am going to remove the 755A and wait for better firmware or Verbatim DVD+RW 8x. I have found some reports about that media, but didn’t see a place where it can be bought. Anyone? What do all these people use, who bought these 8x RW recorders?

I attach the scans I made. First is the scan from the mentioned LG drive, written at 8x. Looks so sweet - perhaps thats why the Plex drives won’t erase it any more? :bow:
That scan is followed by the mighty KING OF QUALITY 716A, burns 1,2,3,5 on the 716A after an initial “full erase”. :doh:

Please feel free to delete the scans if I violate some rule about it.


I think I found the reason for the poor behavior of the PX-755A. For some reason it cannot handle a disk that was burned by my PX-716A before. I am not entirely sure yet, but I tried a brand new disk and the third rewrite looks like the scan provided. The quality is comparable to the LG, cool!


And now I also have the defect: I can rewrite the disk as I please, that works. But erasing it once kills it. Time to RMA


I personally have experience with the 8x Memorex DVD+RW. I burned 8x RW on the 760A but when I tried to erase the disc with the 716A it destroyed the disc. I would not read on both drives including my Sony DVD-ROM drive.

8x Memorex DVD+RW will only work with my 760A but the write quality is terrible and skips when I put it my DVD for playback. No wonder Verbatim is still holding off on releasing their 8x DVD+RW


Actually, the Ricoh 8x works quite well both in the 755A and the LG I tried. This is a defect. Perhaps yours is defective too?


Defective? The discs or the drive? Can I get 8x Ricoh on newegg?


My drive is defective. Other drives can erase the ricohs just fine.


Where can I buy some 8x DVD+RW ricoh online?


Do you think these are ricohs? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817505006