Which dvd+r's for backupping

lo dewds

i have just installed my new benq dw1620, flashed it to newest firmware, and want to backup my mp3 collection to dvds (its now on old (broke) cds)

the main point is that dvds must stay readable as long as possible, they will be stored safely in a cd map

now i know much info can be found in threads allready about media

but its very hard to understand all those numbers and graphics for backupping use, especially because they dont tell how the media will be like in the future :wink:

so i wonder if any of you might have some tips about media, and also about there possible best writing speed (is the lowest allways the best or do they have an optimal writing speed?)

also: does it matter what burning prog i use? or will nero just do fine?

i hope some of u have some experience in this area allready, and can lead me the way :smiley:

Verbatim Datalife has the best advertised longevity. They say 100 years if burned properly. Media code SONYD11 is also good and will burn well up to 16x on your BenQ. It is often available as Sony branded 8x +R on the US.

Slower is not always better. You can use the error scanning capabilities of your drive to determine the best writing speed for a given media.

Start with on of the 2 medias above, and burn @ 8x. Should give great results!

And yes, Nero will work just fine.

thx alot for the reply man

i couldnt really find Vertabim Datalife in the pricewatch (the dutch one from www.tweakers.net)

there are alot of dvds from vertabim (allmost all 4x, except for some printable 8x models) but i couldnt see Datalife anywhere in there name (perhaps they dont specify it, i dunno)

i did find those sony media (in http://shop.cdfreaks.com)

now i wonder: do those Vertabim Datalife are really that good? cause when i look at the prices of those non-Datalife Vertabim media, i see they are more then 1 euro / 4x dvdr, while those sony’s are 0.7 euro / 8x dvdr

a big difference, and those sony’s still are very expensive compared to the other dvd+r from shop.cdfreaks.com

now i really dont mind paying more for better media, but then i do expect it to be worth it :wink:

did u advice me those sony’s btw because some people post nice scans with them? or do u perhaps know that they use more durable/protecting materials for creating dvdrs?

i really dont want to burn my backups on “normal” dvdrs if those “normal” dvdrs are like “normal” cdrs

ive used lots of different brands of cdrs in the past, cheaps ones and more expensife ones, and i noticed that alot of brands break down after a few years, and become (partly) unreadable
i would really like to prevent this with my dvdrs in the future, that explains my unconfident beheviour about those “normal” dvdrs :wink:

btw: i also found ritek r03 media in http://shop.cdfreaks.com which are more expensive (also more then 1 euro / dvdr), are these less durable then those sony’s?

i have just been lookin around at vertabim’s site to find more info about those datalife dvds

and i could find a list of dvd+r’s where i saw there are dvd+rs named datalife plus, but nowhere i could find info about what extra’s those datalifeplus had to offer

i did find pdf about those 100 years lifetime expectancy, but it made no difference between the datalifeplus and normal vertabim media…

so that leaves me wondering:
do those datalifeplus vertabims have anything to offer? (they are 4x only, and are prolly very expensive) Are they the same then the normal 8x or 16x vertabim media? (but just another name)

Verbatim uses an “Azo” dye developed in-house. They license the formula to others. Usually dyes with a more blueish color are Azo. They are supposed to have the good archive characteristics if burned properly.

I don’t know the difference between Datalife and Datalife Plus?

100 years is an estimate. A projection based on accellerated life testing. Nobody knows how accurate it is. But it’s the best you can do!

The SonyD11 media is also blueish so I suspect it’s an Azo dye probably licensed from Verbatim.

I have seen sonyd11 scans on a 1620 @ 16x that look great!
Verbatim branded +R’s also seem to work very well on this drive.

If your data and/or pictures are important, isn’t it worth a little extra fundage?

I would say, get some Platinum 8X’s DVD+r at 0.50 euro a piece. Those are RICOH JPN R02’s. They burn upto 16X, but I achiev better results at 12X, at 12X they are perfect, at 16X they are still good enough. There are 2 “batches” those with B1 and those with B2 numbers on the inner of the disc. Those B2’s also burn perfect at 16X. So to be sure, burn at 12X then the B1’s are also perfect.

thx 4 the tip man, but i wonder if it means anything if a dvd is in perfect state now… does that automaticly mean it will last long too? i suspect that most dvds that are durable have good scans after burning yeah, but the other way around? i think thats more difficult to say… isnt it?

thx 4 the tip man!
is the media code of a CD related to this azo dye? (only azo on mcc)
or can that azo also be combined with other media codes? (ritek, cmc, etc)
and if a manufacturer implements azo, does that mean they have a life expectancy as high as those vertabims?
i now have some philips 8x here for testing, burned one of em @ 8x, its mediacode CMC MAG E01, and they are kinda blueish too… does that mean they are azo?

and which of the mcc’s should be the best for archiving? the slowest (4x mcc002) or the fastest (16x mcc004) or in between (8x mcc003) if written at optimal speed?
actually those mcc004’s are way overpriced (more then the double of mcc003), so i dont think ill get those (unless someone convinces me they that they a level 10 photon shield around them (whatever that may be))

your Philips discs probably are Azo, but I don’t know for sure. The color of the dye is a fuction of the chemistry. There are only a few fundamental chemistries for dvd media right now. Verbatim owns the rights to the basic Azo formula an they claim it has the best archival properties.

That’s about all I know. Everything else is based on manufactureres claims or guesswork!

@ markvonstriver
ur right, we dont have much more the those claims and guesswork, but still it would be nice to have an idea which is good and which isnt eh? :wink:

so no one know if the life expectancy of mcc002 is as good as of the mcc003 or mcc004?
and if those SonyD11’s have a similar life expectancy?

now i dont expect that they really outlive those 100 years, but a small 10 years for EVERY single dvd i write would be nice allready (which cant be said at all when talkin about cdr’s :()

atm im thinking of buying these dvd+r’s:

Fortis DVD+R 8x

  • Absoluut 100% A-kwaliteit
  • 8x gecertifieerd als snelheid
  • Compatible met de Philips/HP standaard
  • 4.7 GB capaciteit
  • Geschikt voor data en video opslag
  • Geschikt als back-up medium voor PS2
  • Inline bounding
  • Gemaakt op allernieuwste 8 productielijn voor DVD+R
  • DONY DVD+R stampering
  • officiële licentie van Philips met vrijgave initialisatiecode

75 euro for 10 boxes of 10 (100 dvds) (http://shop.cdfreaks.com ;))

can expect these to have a good life expectancy?
do they have azo too?

or are they prolly inferiour to sony’s own SonyD11 based media?

just found out that on that site some of the media are promoted of having azo, so im afraid these dont :confused:

Look, Those are good, but I don’t think they’re that much better then Platinum 8X dvd+r and those also burn at 16X on your Benq 1620 plus they cost only 50 eurocent a piece.

i know it differs from cd to cd, but still one of my buys of plantinum cdr’s were really bad quality, they started degrading and collouring after a few months allready…

i also used alot of platinum cdrs that did fine, but platinum is not really consistent in givin quality media all the time

now this might be different with dvd+r media, i know


gettin really confused of what to buy

i dont mind payin a lil extra for better reliability, but i just cant find out which is worth it

cant find those vertabims mcc004 either in BE or NL

have u tested those platinums from shop.cdfreaks.com, s0lar?
or somewhere else?

are they ricoh r02?

Those Fortis SONYD11’s will burn very nicely on your BenQ @ up to 16x with latest firmware… As I said before, they are “probably” an Azo dye licensed from Verbatim. I say this based on the color of the dye.

If I were trying for best data integrity and longest lasting archival properties, I would get some Verbatim with the 100 year claim and burn it at the rated speed. I would pay a buck apiece if necessary.

When I backup movies, I try to find good bang/buck media for my nec2510a or BenQ. I don’t worry quite so much about archival properties, but do expect good burns with relatively low error rates.

If the data is super important like family photos, CIA dossiers, Coca Cola recipe, you can burn it to 2 different media types and check them both periodically (yearly?). If one shows errors, the other will hopefully still be intact. Or you could simply recopy them annually.

Watch those Phillips 8x which are CMC Mag E01. Some of these make a wonderful burn at 8x, and from the same stack, some should only be burned at 4x. BenQ’s Q-scan is partially helpful. Look for being under the 350 mark–the entire disc under that mark. Usually 4x will be under the “bar” and give good results. After burning a CMC Mag, eject, reinsert and then copy the entire disc to a junk folder on your hard drive.
If it copies completely, then the information is actually on the disc.
Of course these steps are good (regardless of media) for any archive use.
Regular rules for backing up computer data apply.
Always have at least two copies, and there should be an off-site copy as well in case of fire, flood, earthquake, lightening, hurricane, or blondes under the influence.

i just bought myself a 25 spindle of Vertabim datalife 8x MCC003 dvd+r’s in a local shop here in antwerpen (be)

just burned the first, and here are the scans:

the results seem good right?

so now i wonder: is 20 euro for 25 dvd+r’s a nice price for these?
if it is ill go buy some more :wink:

or can i find a much better price somewhere else?

no one has seen this media in a shop anywhere else???

Yep, in Portugal… for almost 30 euros each 25 spindle… :Z

damn thats alot of money…

guess that price of me aint so bad then…