Which DVD roms read subchannel data

Besides the Tohisbas and Liteons, are there any others? Asustek maybe.

I got a liteon 163 but its pretty noisy and the load time is horrible.

Get a LiteOn LTD-166S :slight_smile: All 16x/48x DVD drives are noisy when reading at high speed, and LiteOn are no exception.

I have the Asus e616 (16x/40x or 48x) and I would not recommend it. I haven’t tested it’s subchannel reading, but I do not like what I have seen of it. The tray is hard to push in, for the first few weeks I thought pushing the button was the only way to put CDs in, it’s also slow and bad at reading imperfect CDs. It also takes a long time for it to eject, it has to think about it. Nice for watching DVDs though, because of the slow speed really. Barely even hear it.