Which DVD-ROM..?



I’m looking a companion for my new LiteOn SOHW-1673S DVD-Burner. But totally confused about model. Is previous model SOHD-167T was better than new SOHD-16P9S…?? Many people are saying 16P9S is slower ripper than 167T. I’m picky about ripping coz I’ll be using this ROM only for ripping purpose. Please suggest me good model between two…!!


I’ve always like lite-on infact when my 166s went bad after years of use I replaced it with the same one. But cause of what was said in this forum I tried and Aopen 1648pro and I was surprised to find out the aopen was 6 minutes faster (Lite-on 16min- Aopen 10 min) :slight_smile: ripping A D/L disc. For ripping I don’t beleive you can get a faster one.
I don’t know if you can still get one but it worth a look.
If you can’t lets hope they replace it with something just as good. :slight_smile:
Good luck with what ever you buy.


I can’t get AOpen in my country. Please tell me between LiteOn SOHD-167T, LiteOn SOHD-16P9S and Sony DDU-1622…please…I’m totally confused…!! :confused:


the ddu1622 and the 166s are the same drives. the 167t is the newest of them. get it.


I was under impression that DDU-1622 was made by BTC. Because DDU-1621 was BTC OEM…that’s for sure. And I guess SOHD-16P9S is the latest…!


yes, SOHD-16P9S is the newest. but it’s not fully tested yet. just wait a bit to see how it performs.


Many guys are saying that SOHD-167T is better than SOHD-16P9S. But do you guys think that firware upgrades will change this scenario?? Or should I go for 167T…?? Is it discontinued product by LiteOn…??
What tempting me to buy 16P9S is the low noise as compared to 167T (but not silent). Also it’s a new drive from LiteOn…so I’ll be getting lots of firmwares in future…what you guys think…167T or 16P9S?? Confused again… :confused: :confused: :sad:


Usually, newer is better. Go with the 9S. It uses a different laser (from the same manufacturer as the 166S’s laser) and a newer chip. Aside from that, little is known. In terms of firmware support, newer drives always get more firmware updates from LiteOn than older ones.


The 166s can read DVD-RAM.

I think to newer Liteon´s can´t read it?

And here i found a review that say the 166s is better than the newer 167T:



not really…


Well, okay, newer-is-better definitely does not apply for 166S->167T. But the 166S is no longer on the market, and this is a comparison between the 7T and the 9S… :wink:


OmniPatcher seems to make the 1693 rip DL discs at close to 14X and the author feels that it will do the same with the 1673. You might try that before you spend the money on a new ROM drive.

If you have your heart set on a ROM anyway, I would go with the AOpen 1648 AAP or the Liteon 167T. I have used both and you cannot go wrong. The problem with the new Liteon replacing the 167T is that codeguys have said the firmware is completly different and I would not get a new one until codeguys have confirmed that they will have riplock firmware.


IT can! I know someone who read DVD-RAM with it that he recorded with a DVD-recorder


16P9S has how much buffer? On some sites I can see 254KB and some sites are saying 512KB. Anybody has new 16P9S…?? I can see the tray mechanism is also different than 167T. Is it true?? Because I love the way tray opens of my old LiteOn CD-RW drive…!! :slight_smile:


My 16P9S reports a 254KB buffer


impossible, the chipset isn’t able to…


I came to know something like this by reading article on CDRInfo-

S- Sony
H- Half Heighted
O- Optical

16- Max DVD read speed
P- ???
9- ???
S- ???

Any guesses for these…??


SO = Sony
H = Half-height

16 = primary speed
P = PATA (i.e., not SATA)
9 = generation (chipsets, etc.)
S = laser (i.e., made by the same ppl who make the lasers for the 166S, 1633S, etc.)


The 166S? It can read DVD-RAM, look here:


BTW, what means SOHR (CD-rewriter) ?


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