Which DVD-ROM will read everything



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I’ve heard it said around here that Pioneer [burners] will read anything, but arent so good at writing.

I’ve just bought a NEC-3520A, and I’ve been doing some Nero DVD-speed tests on Princo media, that was written by friends and me. Some discs are very good, but others are pretty average and have an unreadable sector near the end.

I know that the NEC is not supposed to be a really good reader, so I’m wondering if I can supplement my reading ability by buying a bullet-proof ROM.

Any ideas? Does the Pioneer reliability extend to its ROMs?



Fastest reader/ripper currently available is the Aopen 1648/aap and can be bought for $36 shipped from www.ajump.com-

Suggest that you $h-tcan the Princo crap media and use Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell in your 3520-



Whoever told you that the Pioneer isn’t so good at writing is full of shite. They produce some of the best burns out there. Anyways, as mentioned by bigmike the Aopen is a good choice and for the LOVE OF HEAVEN, DITCH THAT POS PRINCO MEDIA!!! PRINCO WON’T GIVE YOU GOOD SCANS NO MATTER WHAT YOU BURN/READ, ECT!!! There is a reason for the cheap pricetag. The media is what is at fault, not the drive. You can’t just pick up any DVD media and expect it to be good working media.


Yes, I know Princo should be ditched, but it is best if you can read the data off before ditching it.


My question is not about speed, or wether Princo is bad. It’s about which DVD ROM is likely to have the best error correction. They appear to be very variable in this respect.


I have found a 1648aap in Australia, but they don’t appear to be very popular here.


I cannot really follow you. Your initial question was “Which DVD-ROM will read everything?” and nothing about error-correction…

If you wanna read back data from crap disks, probably a Pioneer DVD-ROM (or a rebadged Plextor) is a good choice.
Some drives like a LiteOn 166 are speedy and also have the ability to read DVD-RAM.


I’ve ordered an Aopen, as according to another thread around here, it has impressive error correction capabilities, similar to or better than a Liteon 166.


We shall see.



My Aopen 1648/aap does very well at error correction - I can see the vob ripping in my recording software - and when it gets to an error area on the disc being read you can see the counter slow down go through the bad spot and speed up again-

So far - have not burned a coaster due to original disc errors-



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I’ve got an aopen 1648/app and good as it is, I have had loads of poorly burnt disks that it couldnt read whereas my pioneer 107 reads them no problem

@chef are you saying that pioneer dvd roms are as good at reading poor burns as the pioneer writers


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In general: yes. But their real manufacturer changes from model to model…
ASUS, BENQ, there seem to be bunch with different hardware revisions and (real) manufacturers. It’s a bit strange.

Best would be to hear a comment from someone who owns such a drive. :iagree:


I bought a 1648aap, and when I first installed it, it wouldnt read anything. After giving it a whap, it read CDs a bit, but with fatal errors. It would read no DVD-R disks in my library.

Not doing well.


Sorry about your purchase, astrayan. I wish I had gotten to this thread earlier. From what I’ve read in various forums here, BenQ DW1620 has the rep as the best reader.

a good reader is not the fastest reader. It is the one that reads more thoroughly than others, if that translates into longer read times.



Sorry to hear this - I truthfully have not ever seen a bad posting for the 1648/aap-

Three questions-

1 - Do you happen to have both Nero and Roxio programs installed on the same computer? If so - suggest removing one of them-

2 - Did your 1648/aap come with firmware version 1.07? If not suggest that you upgrade to 1.07-

3 - Did you buy from a vendor or off of an auction site like eBay? If from a vendor then you may want to RMA it-



>1 - Do you happen to have both Nero and Roxio programs installed on the same computer? If so - suggest removing one of them-

I do, but this problem is the 1648 was not registering the disks. You could hear it making frustrated noises. I guess when some machinery gets better when you whap it, you draw conclusions.

>Sorry about your purchase, astrayan. I wish I had gotten to this thread earlier. From what I’ve read in various forums here, BenQ DW1620 has the rep as the best reader.

I was trying to get a cheap ROM drive. Apparently, the Philips ones can’t be relied upon to be a consistent brand.

It has been sent back, but will take the usual 9 and a half weeks.


I’ve got the new Aopen 1648 ROM, and the results reading Princo are variable. On the one disk which has a fatal error, the Aopen gets a fatal error prior to the NEC 3520a. Whilst, on another Princo disk, the Aopen slows down less than the NEC during a dodgy patch.

So, could be either way.



Any reader trying to read Princo Crap Media could/would be variable in results at very best - especially if it is older Princo media that may be deteriorated beyond a readable state-

The price of Cheap Media can be very dear indeed-



Yep. Quality media pays for itself in the long run. IMHO there is no excuse for cheap crap like Princo when quality media (ie TY) can be had for well under 50 cents a disc.