Which DVD-Rom to replace broken Liteon 166?



My Liteon 166 just went dead. I was trying to do a quality test in cdspeed, loaded cd-bremse when the disc was being loaded and the drive went dead.
Which DVD-Rom should I buy, having in mind that I would like a drive that can read cds or dvds with copy protection systems ? I’ve heard about the Aopen DVD-Rom but I don’t know how is handles copy protection systems.


I would recommend the AOPEN 1648/AAP. :bow: :bow:
Please read my post:
and for more information on the AOPEN:



I’ve read the thread but still don’t know how it handles cd audio protection systems. Do you know where I can find information about that ?


easy-going-man wrote about the 1648/AAP Pro:

“Btw, I was surprised by the drive’s audio extraction speed. It reads out Audio CDs @48x and the quality is excellent.”

Packetloss wrote about the 1648/AAP:
“I use EAC myself, and never had a problem with this drive, both in burst and secure mode. This is a very good DAE drive, regardless of the caching.”

I tested it 5 minutes ago (only for you :wink: ) with CloneCD 5.1 on the CD “The diary of Alicia Keys” which is protected with Cactus Data Shield 200 5.00.150.
It worked! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
(Although it was slow…)

Cannot say more about this since I use the Plextor Premium for ripping/copying audio.

Hope this helps…
best regards!


So, in the meantime I did some testing:
I read the above mentioned CD with Alcohol 120% first in my Aopen and then in my Plex Premium.
Now I would say: Wow, is the Aopen slow…The Premium was about five times faster!

Above all, I would never recommend using a DVD-ROM for ripping audio / copying audio cd’s. Better use a good CD-RW like the Plex…

I attached the reading curve of Alcohol 120 for both drives.