Which DVD-ROM to get?

I am looking into getting a new DVD-ROM drive for extrating movies and games. I now have a toshiba m1612 with the unlocked firmware. I like that drive but it only reaches 8x with dvd decryptor and takes about 30mins to dvd shink at move at 60% compression. I want a faster one. I am looking at the Toshiba m1802, the teac DV516E, Asus DVD-E616P1, Lite-on XJ-HD166S and the Sony DDU1621. The access times of them are from what I have found: 90ms, 80ms, 90ms, 85ms and 80ms respectivly. The buffer for the toshiba is 192kb, 256kb for the asus, and 512kb for the other three. What else should I be looking for?? Each of them can read DVD-r and +r. I will unlock the toshiba if I get that one. What do you people, think. What drives do you have and what speeds do they extract at. Please let me know. Thanks. I am making a poll to see which one you think I should get.

Personally , i’m very fond of Toshiba , i got some of those.
But i hear very good stories about the Lite-On-s , and you can use KProbe with them :slight_smile:

I’m quite fond of the Asus DVD-ROM drives myself.:bigsmile: