Which dvd-rom to buy?


its time to get a new computer and i am trying to find a dvd rom for it, while surfing the web i was also checking the website of my favorite cd-rom producer plextor, (not expecting to find anything dvd related there) but, o wonder, they have the PlexCombo :slight_smile:
curious about this i read the review on cdfraks and i sounds really great, so that i am almost going to buy one, but since i didnt follow the dvd hardware news the last years, i dont know if there isnt a better dvd-rom out there i should better buy.
my intention was originally only to get a dvd rom and no cd burner, i am still getting along with my plexwriter 4x and my ultraplex 32x for reading and dae, so that i wanted to wait and buy a dvd burner when the standard is fixed and the media get cheaper.
on the other hand, a cd burner upgrade wouldnt harm also :confused:
question is, is there a better dvd-rom than the new plex?
points which are very important for me are:

  • dae capabilities (priority on quality then speed)
  • compatiblity on reading dvd formats (-rw +rw …)

points i am a bit unhappy about the plex:

-dvd-video limited to 2x

i guess its limited in the firmware, so i can hope for a fix, or maybe a new firmware version, where the speed is selectable.

any alternatives to the new plex are welcome, maybe someone knows a website with reviews of dvd-rom or something like that.

thanks in advance