Which DVD-Rom to buy?


I want to buy a new DVD-Rom but don’t know which one is the best. At the moment my choice would be the Toshiba SDM 1502 - is that ok?
Which drive is in your opinion the best one?

Good CloneCD compatibility is a MUST, but it should also have good audiograbbing, and reading of CD-R / RW medias!


i have bought the same toshiba dvd drive for the same reason you just called, it 's a very good dvd drive,
i also have a pioneer 16/40 dvd and it’s pretty good as well

I have the Pioneer DVD also… Seems fast enough to me… Just cant read errors quickly…

Yeah pioneer is the best, cheaper than Aopen and with the same inside :slight_smile: So I would say go for pioneer.

(this only because plextor doesn’t have DVDROM players, cause Plextor Rulez!!!)

Plextor rulez big time but in DVD it is Pioneer now :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ehhhheheheh Nitro! :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a toshiba 1502. It is the best reader for clone CD you can get right now. I don’t think Pioneer DVD players are supported by clone. Its DAE is pretty slow though, but I have a plex 16/10/40A to take care of that.

put one in today.
Reads DVD`s fine, but will NOT load hitman or black and white, just comes up with some blackrun.tmp error
or hitman.tmp error or something like that.
Any ideas? Firmware? Is this a compatable clone drive???

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get the Pioneer 106S…the best DVD-ROM around IMO

Get the Toshiba 1502 DVD-ROM because it can read in raw mode. Then you augment it with Acer 1208A, which supports writing in RAW (but doesn’t read subchannels - Toshiba will do it tho) so you can burn all copy protections (including SD-2).

If you value your sanity, get the Hitachi GD-7500. It’s silent (unlike Toshiba and especially Pioneer drives), it’s reasonably fast, has perfect DAE score and works ok with CloneCD as a RAW reader.

See: http://www.cdfreaks.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=28005

for more info.


It does not matter what DVD drive u get… cause they r not practical… If u buy a standalone DVD unit (for your TV set) its guaranteed to be a much better performer then the computer one.

Besides, I use my Sony 12x10x32 SCSI CD-RW to extract audio. Or I also use my ASUS 40x CD-ROM which does audio extraction at 12x…


PS: please check out www.cdrinfo.com or www.firmware.fr.st for more info.