Which DVD ROM to Buy?

Ive been told to buy the Lite- On SOHD 167 TO2 16x DVD ROM as it it ment to be one of the better Roms to buy.
Problem is it seems to be very difficult now to find one in NZ.
Can someone tell me something as good or if not better to buy.


The liteon 167 is old now and it is not as good as the liteon/JLMS 166S (old also)!!! It as been replaced by the 16P9S which seems to be very fast when used with the CodeGuys patched firmware.
For me the best DVDROM drive is the Aopen 1648 which is very difficult to find also!

Just a few bucks more will get you a BenQ 1620 or a Liteon 1693, both of which are also very fast rippers. I don’t use my 1648 anymore for ripping.

The 16P9S is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Definitely a lot better than the 167T. But 1969 is right; certain DVD-writers like the 1693S or 1640 can read a bit faster than any DVD-ROM and are not that much more expensive any more.

I agree with that, but the AOpen 1648 has by far the best results when reading a bad burned or scatched disc.

You should probably specify which AOpen 1648. :wink: There is one (old) variant of the 1648 that was just a rebranded LiteOn 166S. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d be curious to see how a 16P9S would do against a 1648/AAP. I’ve seen a lot of good things from both, and am curious to see which one of those two would come out on top in overall tests (though in terms of just raw speed, no DVD-ROM on the market can top the 14x dual-layer speed of a patched 16P9S ;)).

My 1648 AAP would top out at 14.53X on a DL disc and I was clobbered by someone over in the BenQ forum with a 1640, I think. It might beat the latest Liteon as well.