Which DvD-rom should I buy?

I want to buy a new dvd rom player for copying dvd+/-r’s on the fly at 4 speed.\Which one should I buy.
I prefer the Plextor 116 or te pioneer 120s, or is ther another one that is better?
I have the Plextor 708 and is wotking fine, but which dvd-rom player should I use next to the Plextor 708.

I recommend the JLMS (aka Lite-On) XJ-HD166S DVD-ROM drive. It has a very good rip speed and media support.

I like the Asus E616 myself.


I’m in the market for getting a dvd ripper soon enuff myself and I’m glad to see the lite on recommendation. Question - given that the combo doesn’t cost that much more, is it worthwhile to get the combo (whether 48 or 52)? Is it just as good at ripping? thanks

The Pioneer 120S is best avoided for the moment. It’s firmware limits the ripping speed to 2x. At some point some one may patch this, there’s already a region free firmware available. I’m changing mine out for a Lite-ON jobby…