Which dvd rom, please help

I want to buy new dvd-rom drive because my old one (asus e616) went for retiretment :a
so… i’d like to ask for your opinion about:
Which drive has the best error correction??
Toshiba SD-M1912
Asus DVD-E616P2
Aopen DVD1648
LiteON SOHD-167T

Error correction is for me the most important thing in dvd-rom selection. My asus e616 did’t have good error corretion so I propably won’t choose E616P2. Which one would you choose??
Please help me!!

I have both the Toshiba 1912 and the AOpen 1648\AAP the AOpen is a much faster ripper and it has excellent error correction capabilities. the Lite on 167T is a bit faster than the toshiba but much slower than the AOpen and it( Lite on 167T) is the nosiest damn drive I have ever owned.

what is your purpose, dvd wathcing, ripping, please elaborate on you rneed and wants, do you mind noise or spinning up occasionally…etc…


I totally agree with iss-

Both my AOpen 1648/aap’s are great readers - I have never had a disc that they would not read through even though some of them have been very hard case rental crap-

Life is good-


Only for coping “on the fly”, movies, ps2 backups, data discs etc.
And I don’t care a bit about any kind of noise.
Main priority is error correction because I often have to copy cd/dvds in very bad shape.

Thx for all the answers.

I’m at same question as Esiek Sl.

Want a dvd-rom that is best at reading bad disks and best for ripping dvd movies and audio cds.

also it must be able to do Pi/Po quality scans

the best dvd drive i have owned for reading bad cds and dvds is pioneer DVDwriter like A06 and other version they are very good with scratched media. but about a dvd-rom i don’t know really but liteON is not that good in error correction.

Tnx for yer advice on the Pioneer…

I had a Pioneer A06 (and a-05 , a-04, a03), but of course they are no longer sold, and my units have long been sold. I am looking for something I can buy (new) this month for my new system to feed my 3x NEC3520’s

The Aopen or the Litey previously mentioned are about as good as it gonna get.
There is no “one does it all” drive.

I’ve heard good things about error correction on Plextor drives. If anyone owns one maybe thay could give their experience.

Have the Plextor 712. Very good DL ripper with equally impressive error correction.

from reading the replies here & other threads, I think I’m going to go fer 3 SATA Plextor burners (when they come availabe in my area next week or so) and 1 Aopen DVDROM.
That should give me 2 good shots @ reading bad media. (I’ve got a bunch of older dvd’s I burnt in the early dvd days and so many of them are screwed up bad …argh).

and some real good burning

As much as I like my AOpen 1648\AAP Drives ( I have 4 of them) I wouldnt buy another one. right now with the speed hack out for the BenQ 1620 My BenQ can now outrip my AOpens and the BenQ has excellent reading capabilities. I would just Buy another BenQ.