Which DVD Rom or RW.. for reading

Very very poor disc quality .Mainly for playback… I dont mind hacking them.

Hi, this is my first post :slight_smile: and im a HTPC enthusiast

Thanks !

Maybe Benq 1650; also Asus 616p2 does the job… very good error corrector.

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How bout liteon then?

For damaged and poor reading discs, BenQ is the champ.

I am not an expert but my LG 4167B is better reader then my benq 1655, very good even with nasty scratch old disc

It is certainly possible. The BenQ reputation goes back to at least the 1620 and it is certainly possible that other drives have gotten better. I’ll have to compare the two when I see bad disc.

I got few disc that could not read with benq1620, 1655 nec3550 and plex716 but get through with the LG very slow like come down to 1.0 x :slight_smile: but it does the job

I’d go for the Liteon 1635S.

I’ve just been scanning some of my old backups & for a few I’ve needed to do a reburn & the only one that’ll read them without issue is this Liteon.
My Benq 1620, LG4163B, Asus E616, Liteon 851 all had show stopping problems with them.

Thanks … Thats what i need to know… reading really poor quality disc -.-

You did say DVD-ROM [B]OR[/B] DVD-RW.

From my experience the LITE-ON SOHD-167T has read media that failed in a Benq 1620 - Liteon 165H6S or LG4167B (which are the best reading burners that I have used personally). Not sure if you can still buy those though.

That’s one of the reasons I still have mine. These guys have a lot of old stock; this might be a 167T:


I’ve got a Liteon 167T but I think the Liteon 1635S has the edge over it.

Oh yeah guys… I read some articles about the DVD error corrections on DVD , and LG 4167B turned out quite perfect and quiet, quiet is a plus for me… I think i will go for this one.

But my local version is 4167 G … i think this one is with the All region opened …

Another one will be SHW-16H5S … But kinda expensive. 1635 seems ok too.

Thanks guys for your help. will post after i bought the LG

Ok i just bought this LG GSA 4167b drive… Throw all sort of crap at it and yes ! it reads everything… and extremly quiet too… A++ for Home theater PC… thanks Nitetrans…
Not that the others are bad… But quiet is a good thing for HTPC.