Which DVD rom is this

ok guys i just got LITEON DVD ROM…
there is just one problem its name is JVC-liteon IT and its model no is XJ-hd166s
isn’t the lite-on dvd rom named as LTD-166s then why is mine named ad XJ-hd166s

Nope, not anymore. A company called jlms has taken over LiteOn’s DVD-ROM division. When this happend the drive lost the LTD in front and they now call it XJ.
Same type of this just happened with LiteOn’s DVD Burners (this time Sony instead of jlms). Now they are SOHW instead of the LDW they were using before. Hence SOHW (think it stands for Sony Optical Hardware “something”).

So DVD-ROM are now called:

It’s still LiteOn technology, you just have to deal with this jlms for most purposes now.

I don’t know why they’ve done it, just that it’s been done :stuck_out_tongue:

does that mean that the older ltd firmware (RPC1 patched) will work on these models too ???:bow:

I’m not sure really, I’m pretty sure it would…
But I do know you can use the LtnRPC tool found in my tools guide (in my sig) instead. It does the same thing and more plus it doesn’t require and patched firmware then (ie: it’s better) :smiley:

I’ve got the same drive. Dell is selling boatloads right now. My problem is that none of the newer firmware will work on it. I searched everywhere. You’ll find info about it. Just do a search under the model on google.

Very good drive just the same. I’ve had no problems.

LTD-166S firmwares work on XJ-HD166S drives. They’re the exact same thing.


We are proud to announce that Lite-On and JVC have joined forces and set up JVC Lite-On
Manufacturers & Sales ( JLMS ) to manufacture and market DVD products. These leading world producers will derive benefits from each company for volume production, operation efficiency, customer support and expanded distribution to market the highest quality DVD products with the best value. You may refer to the JLMS website for contact and product information at jlms.com.tw. Please click on the website for a direct link.

Thank you for your continued interest. JLMS looks forward to providing
your DVD opto-storage solutions.

You don’t need to flash the drive to make it region free. Just use RPCDE or LtnRPC. http://digi.rpc1.org/rpc.htm

Thanx guys the LtnRPC works like a charm…
I still don’t know why the make RPC-II drives:a :a

Because the movie industry doesn’t want people watching out of region movies.

so they plan to split the west from the east…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

too bad it isn’t workin