Which DVD-ROM Drive?



I am going to order a DVD-Burner (LG 4167) and I would like to have a DVD-ROM, too. The DVD-ROM shall be for watching DVDs on PCs, installing Games, Copying Data from DVD to PC, Ripping DVDs and so on. So it should be quite but fast. A good error correction would be nice.

What do you recommend?

If IDE oder S-ATA doesn’t matter.


Most of us buy two burners.

111 and 1650 are good to go these days.


I was just in your situation recently. I found that most people on this forum are usually biased toward their favorite brand. I read through quite a bit of this forum and reviewsj ( not really knowing much at first look I will admit). I just finially gave up and went with the , ASUS DVD-E616A2. I am pretty happy with it so far I use it to rip, listen to music, watch dvd’s and play video games. Now i’m not saying it’s the best I havent’ used that many drives. I use my brand new NEC 3550a for burning. I was happy with my first NEC puchase so I went that route again. That is real noisy compared to the ASUS listening, and watching dvd media. I would say the Asus is about as loud as a very smooth 80mm running case fan. You can’t even here it when listening to a cd with the volume up just a little. It’s very sporty looking and I like the speed i’m getting with it’s reading ability for dvd’s( my NEC may be better for cd’s quicker that is, but the quality rip may go to ASUS. It’s too early to tell). I will probally never go back to a burner again for my playback, and ripping. I noticed some games won’t even install with a dvd burner. I’m not a big gamer, but anything that doesn’t work how it’s should really ticks me off. Anyways we all have our favorites I just took a gamble with ASUS, and I have an ASUS chassis so I figured what the heck. Good luck and by the way I believe ASUS is a Pioneer product it’s in the same forum. So the above recomendation may be a quiet drive.


I have also read a number of posts from users who rave about the ASUS ability to read difficult discs. A burner would be more versatile, but for a ROM the ASUS looks good.


That is wild I was just gonna post back about that. I just tried a cd that will skip in my dvd drive, standalone dvd player, hifi cd player setup. It plays flawlessly through the ASUS. I was waiting and never heard a skip. Heck you can’t even usually stand to even bother with it on any other player i’ve tried. I better back it up before it doesn’t work with this one. :slight_smile:

It’s not the fastest cd ripper, but it’s pretty quick with dvd’s, and I think a quality rip is very important.