Which dvd-rom drive to scan?


i´ve bought a lg gsa-h22l burner, to replace my old pioneer dvr-106.
i hope i this would be a got choose.
this one cann´t scan the burnquality with nero cd-dvd speed.

which dvd-rom drive should i buy to make credible scans?


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You’re better off buying a DVD burner to scan DVD-/+Rs.

My preference is LiteOn and BenQ, in that order, but Plextor do it as well. :slight_smile:

Plextors are not that advisable if wishing to use CD/DVDSpeed. Neither is the Lite-On if using cdr’s as well.

True (personally I wouldn’t use Plextor for scanning, either) :iagree:

@spoogedemon - just to clarify, do you want to scan DVDRs, CDRs, or both? :slight_smile:

Plextor is excellent using it’s own s/w, if painfully slow.
BenQ are somewhat of a compromise. But will scan CDR’s.
Lite-Ons just don’t like CDR’s.

i like to scan as most as possible.
but to scan dvds is the most important preference.

but the lg h22l burner is ok, is it?


Thw LG is a fine drive by all accounts. :slight_smile:

@zebadee - yeah, those are the reasons I wouldn’t use one for scanning. I kinda like CD-DVD Speed, and the speed at which other (half the price) drives scan.

If DVD scanning is the most important, you’ll be fine with a LiteOn. If you like to scan CDRs too, try looking for a BenQ. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
The LG is excellent both in terms of speed & quality.
Preference for + media.

Care to explain why? Why are some burners worse for it at all?

Hi :slight_smile:
Some manufacturers do not suscribe (or allow) CD/DVDSpeed to perform Quality Scans. Plextor is a case in point. Some models may get around this.
With Plextors PlexTools you can scan. But only 1 test at a time i.e. PIO errors, then PIF etc. So time taken is a lot longer.

Weird, do they have to pay nero for the function to be added or just give details about how it can be done or some sort of driver hooks or whatever? Or why is that? I did understand it as that was possible by “freeing the drive” as someone called it? Anyway I was more thinking about lite-on vs benq vs samsung vs pioneer there you can scan with all but they aren’t considered as good.

Oh, that sucks I suppose.