Which DVD-Rom Drive should I buy?


I’m searching for a new DVD-Rom.
First I tried to buy an AOpen 1648 AAP, but the drive is no longer available in the stores and online-stores in germany.

Now I’m not sure which drive to buy?
The following drives are more or less available at the local stores in my area:

  • Toshiba SD-M1912
  • LiteOn 166S
  • Teac DV-516D
  • Plextor PX-116A
  • SONY DDU-1622
  • evtl. Asus E-616

The following points are important for me:

  • quiet Operation while watching DVDs
  • good error correction
  • good media compatibility (DVD-Ram not needed)
  • not the slowest Drive
  • it should also be a well performing a CD-Rom Drive

The ability to read copy protected audio CDs would be nice but not neccessary.

There was a review of DVD-Rom Drives in a famous german hardware magazine (c’t). But the only thing I kept in mind was that the AOpen drive was rated best. I can’t remember the second and third placed drives. Could anybody scan the article and send it to me?

What would you advice?
Which drive should I buy?

Best regards

First read this thread.


Toshiba 1912 is relatively new. Personally, I would like recommend any of the latest 16x DVD writers for reading DVD media.