Which DVD-ROM do you recommend?


I need a new DVD-ROM. Which drive do you recommend ?
Toshiba, Plextor, Liteon, … ?

It should be very fast to burn OTF and rip CSS encoded DVD’s quickly.



Lite-On 16P9s


I’ve used a liteon 167 which once I applied some modified firmware will rip very quickly. The 169 as mike suggests is , I think , the latest liteon so probably a good choice.

There is a very recent thread here discussing the 167 v 169. There seem to be pros & cons for both so it’s worth a read here .

Yup, as recommended on rpc1.org earlier, a LiteOn 166, 167 or 16P9S is a good choice.
Not to forget the wonderful firmwares from the codeguys!!

wt abt sony dvd drive ?/ i am using it …it looks like old fashion cd rom but performance is great :slight_smile:

Aren’t Sony rebadged Liteons generally?

Not all of them, some are BTC (IIRC).

PS: http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?category=1&manufactor=30


is the LiteOn 16P9S compatible with the Disc Quality Check of Nero CD-DVD Speed (Check PI Errors, etc.)

Greets Kickme

It can probably run it but dvd rom drives are not reliable for scanning and will not give proper results. You need a burner for scanning. Fyi my vote goes for the liteon 16p9s too.


The 16P9s and/or ANY other DVD-ROM drive will not give accurate Quality Scans that you can rely on-

If you want to do that - and have the similar read/rip speed - go with the LiteOn 1693s for a few bucks more and you will then have a fast, capable reader/ripper that will do a good job with the CD-DVD Speed Quality Scan program and the Kprobe scans - IMO



what’s the difference between LiteOn SOHD-16P9S and SOHD-16P9SV



Have a look in the LiteOn section. It were asked there before. :wink:

Sony 1615 any good? I have a free one that came with my 9100.


looks good. :wink:

SONY DVD-ROM DDU1615 - No Firmware Updates Available
(Known Firmwares: FYS1/FYS2 )
Use LtnRPC to reset or disable the Region Counter. Click Disable and your drive will be region free!
OEM Liteon SOHD-16P9S

Thanks Chef! You da man!

I just participated from others genius’ knowledge. :wink:

Hi All
What do you think of the Samsung SH-D162?
I don’t need an excellent ripper, but I’d like a silent drive, I currently have an LG GDR8162 and it’s pretty noisy.

You should post in the Samsung forum as you really need someone with this drive to give you the sound level. There aren’t many Samsung users and the odds are better in their forum.

Ok, thanks, I’ll lurk in the Samsung forum and eventually ask around :slight_smile: