Which DVD recorder would you get

newegg is advertising 3 DVD burners April 18, 2005

Samsung TS-H552U for $54.99
Lite-On 1673S for $57.99
NEC 3520a for $51.99

All 3 burners are essentially the same price, are they all about identical or is one better than the other?

I know each burner will have it’s +'s and -'s, more interested if they are all in the same class. Am I better off getting a different burner vs the ones above?

Skip all 3 and go with the BenQ 1620. Or if you have the time to search, check around E-Bay and see if you can dig up an NEC 3500. Other wise all I can say is BQ, BQ, BQ, BQ,!!!


Of the 3 on your list, I have to say the NEC 3520A hands down. It has proven to be an outstanding burner. Lite-Ons are notoriously fussy burners and Samsungs are just so-so.
The 3520A also has a firmware update that allows it to support D/L DVD-R as well as D/L DVD+R.

the BenQ 1620 Retail is in the same price range at $59:

On the list i would also go with the NEC


Agree with Sportsmell on this one-

Try and find a 3500 IMO-


[QUOTE=Jesterrace]Of the 3 on your list, I have to say the NEC 3520A hands down. It has proven to be an outstanding burner. Lite-Ons are notoriously fussy burners and Samsungs are just so-so.
The 3520A also has a firmware update that allows it to support D/L DVD-R as well as D/L DVD+R.[/QUOTE

Hey Jesterrace… I wish I could agree with you on the 3520 but Bob_G, I would strongly suggest that you check out the thread on this site in regards to the 3520. Lots of negative thing being said about it which was a shock to most of us NEC fans. As you see in my signature, I have 2 3500’s and love them. But through tests, the 3520 doesn’t hold up to them. Thats why I say BenQ 1620 besides the fact that you can do just about every test there is with this burner. Many good things written about them also. Even Mr. Negative Satch agrees. So take it from Mike and myself who in combination have well over 1000 burns on the NEC or take your chances. Hey Satch. Glad to see you made it back and not turned into shark bait. Hope ya had a good time.


Yo Sportsmell-

Good advise to the Noobs-

Not glad to be back - as this was the best cruise since the first one on the old Sitmar Line in 1986 - wish we were still out there in the Caribbean - (sigh!)-


If you don’t want an NEC, then it will really depend on the media you plan to burn. I do a lot of quality -R and the LG beats the BenQ hands down on everything but TYG02s where they are even. The only one I have seen that does well on many different types of media is the NEC 3500. You might want to wait a few weeks for the 3540 and see how it is received. If you are in a hurry, my LG would be the first choice.

LiteOn 1673 with Verbatim 16X +R media rocks !! AND, they are fun to mod/upgrade/improve with all the help found in the LiteOn hardware forum. This is my 4th LiteOn and the best yet !

Lite-On 1673S. my cousin just bought one. i was SO impressed with it that i found one for $au 99, so i got one as well…and everyine knows i am a pioneer diehard ! …

Oh Satch. Ya Poor little Baby. Mr. negative had to come back to reality. What a bitch. But I know the feeling. In fact after we got back, the temp went up 10 to 15 degrees. Nothing but mid 80’s and low 90’s. Just our luck but we had a great time anyway. especially Alli. So I hope yours went well also.


my 3520 burns great! i have used maxell x8-, tdk x8+, TY x4- and TY x8+ and results are very good.

Hey nytvd…
Thats great. You may be one of the lucky ones that got a good one or a batch that was made after they corrected some glitches when they first came out. But out of everyone that I’ve talked to that have both the 350 and got the 3520, each one of them say the 3500 wins hands down.


yes i see from the posts in many places that the 3500 was/is a “classic” and a keeper. i had originaly bought a pio 109 that was nothing but trouble and after 2-3 days of troubleshooting just about everything that can be done to a PC and a burner i sent it back to newegg and got the 3520. since then it has been burning bliss… :smiley:
i have an older nec 1100 that still works and i just use it as a reader now.
(hence my giving nec another shot)

after getting the 3520 and hanging out on this forum i see why others have 3-4 burners - it’s a lot of fun to see the differences and advantages of each drive.

Hey nytvd…

We have simialr centiments. I too like seeing what all is out there, but am also very happy that I got my 2nd 3500. I may have been and if not damn close to the last group to get them from newegg before they were gone. So for now my wife has one, and I have one. I’m just hoping that NEC comes out with a F/W upgrade that will allow us to do more testing like the BenQ 1620 can. The word I get is that it’s very close to happening. But for now I’m burning with the 3500 and doing most of my testing with the Litey. But unless the 3540 comes out with all the testing features of the BenQ, looks like tha’ll be my next drive. By the way, welcome to the forum.:bigsmile:


It appears that of the four drives discussed

  1. benq 1620,
  2. nec 3520
  3. lite-on 1673
  4. Samsung TS-H552U
    everyone except the Samsung is a keeper, and that the choice between the other three depends on the media i plan to use.

Just an FYI, from what a friend of mine says along with what I’ve read, the BQ is more forgiving on media than the others listed. Plus the BQ is the only one of the group that will support all the tests you could want to run. That’s a huge selling point for me alone.


now is not the time to buy a burner. a new crop of more mature drives are right around the corner. if you can, wait 2 or 3 months. if you have to have one now the plextor 716a would get my vote. better freatures then 1620 and you get plextools. imho it is worth the $30 premium.

you can always wait 2 - 3 months, and there will always be a “better” device out then…