Which dvd reader to burn 8X no buffer underrun?



HI all,

i’m asking this cause any dvd reader i buy it seems like i can’t BURN DVD on the fly 8X without buffer undrrun (3-2 times)…
i’ve a LITEON 166 i changed with codeguyz firmware and it DOES read very fast DVD but sometimes i get UNRECOVEBLE ERROR LBA…b lah blah
so i changed to stock firmware once more and i can’t pass 6X(and i get 2 underrun…)
any suggestion?



are you sure your unrecoveble errors arent being caused by a poorly burned soarce disc? to burn on the fly you will need a good disc to start with.
if your unsure try ripping the disc to hard drive and burn from the image.

if you do insist on burning on the fly then the Aopen DVD-Rom is probebly your best bet.


well i can tell u that if i make a copy 6X with standard firmware i’ll never get that error… doing the same copy(same dvds) with the patched firmware sometimes i get that ERROR ( also at 8X not always). Anyway if the Aopen Dvd rom can assure me copy on the fly at 8X i’ll get that :slight_smile: thx