Which DVD-RAM 12x drive with Bit-Setting for DVD+R & DVD+R DL

Hi I’m after a DVD-RAM 12x drive with automatic Bitsetting for DVD+R & DVD+R DL.

I’m will only be burning at medium speeds DVD+R @ 8 speed and I normally use Verbatim DVD+R.

I don’t intend on using DL at the moment until the cost comes down.

I don’t need Lightscribe or anything like that.

Does anyone know if DVD-RAM 12x will also come in caddies as I’m considering buying a Panasonic DVD/HDD Recorder (when they bring in 12x RAM) in the next year and switching from DVD-RW to DVD-RAM if it proves more reliable & quicker. In the meantime I will need it to read DVD-RW VR Mode disc’s from my Sony DVD Recorder.

I was considering the Samsung SH-S182D but I don’t think it does bitsetting. Any ideas about bitsetting on LG GSA H10N?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Where are you located? If you live in Europe, just forget about 12x DVD-RAM.

Any ideas about bitsetting on LG GSA H10N?
There is a review of H10A, that is the same hardware as H10N. Its firmware restricts DVD-RAM to 5x. That is the only difference.


HT-LG GSA-H10N seems a good choice accourding to this review
it has bitsetting for DVD+R and DVD+R-DL