Which DVD-R media work best on SH-S203B?


After reading some reviews and comments on SH-S203B, I bought this internal Drive for my new build. I have been using my old TDK DVD+R media on it and worked well.

I am about to run out on my TDK and need to buy new media. Please let me know which media will work best on SH-S203B and economical.


Hello dudes…this is my first topic on this forum

and I allready got a question:

I’m searching for printable DVD-R. Wich ones are better for the 203b?

DVD-R 4.7GB 16x Taiyo Y. watershield


DVD-R 4.7GB 16x Verbatim Photo glossy

Maybe you have other ideas…

Kind regards

Hi and Welcome!

I moved your post from the scans and discussion thread since it’s off-topic there. :cop:

Concerning the printable media, I recommend to check our Blank Media forum.
For the question if TY G03 or MCC03RG is better with the 203, you really have to check the scans in the “scans” thread.

Discussion about the media should be continued here.


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