Which DVD-R media to include in my reviews?

I’ve got so many DVD-R disc types now that I can’t include all of the in every review anymore.

So I would like you to vote for what media you do want to see in my reviews.

Some disc types will of course always be included (Like TY and mitsubishi).

Stick with those discs that are available world-wide:
You may wish to keep one batch of truly crappy stuff around as a “torture test”. Also suggest creating a damaged DVD for testing of the drives’ reading skills.

Lead Data

These is not an voting option as they will always be included:

Verbatim (Mitsubishi)
Taiyo Yuden
CMC Magnetics

…and prodisc is not found here in Norway. :wink:

Well, stich to the widely available stuff, Ricoh etc. I think you should save yourself some time and limit it somewhat to those.

It would be interesting to learn more about MMORE by Optodisc and Fortis by Gigastorage,
because they are rather common here.

Could you review the mass market brands like Staples. I had bought a batch of DVD-R Staples brand and found them incompatible with a two year old Emerson DVD-R recorder.

This thread is almost 5 years old, I think his review is done.