Which DVD+R media? TDK/Sony/Verbatim/Mitsu

Edit: I can’t get TY/JVC where I’m at.

I know its one of those threads again…
I urgently need to reburn some stuff because of some disks(Memorex) which don’t seem to be holding up well with age. I bought a few spindles of Sony (still unopened) and was wondering if I should exchange it for Verbatims instead?

I was unaware that many manufacturers have gone under or sold off their labels and I bought the Sony on the strength of its lifetime limited warranty claim on the packaging. The Sony has the green plastic wrapper with the accucore logo.

What about TDK ‘Life on Record’ Gold disks?

I can also get Mitsubishi disks, would it be better to get that instead of Verbatims?

I have a late 2012 batch (bought 10-2012) of Verbatim DVD+R 16x.
Only ‘coasters’ - I tried several burners, several speeds & firmware. I had no success to burn an acceptable disc.
Very disappointing.

MIT : PAP693Q…

A tentative recommendation for my favourite discs, Verbatim 16x DVD+R [MCC004] (Made in India or Taiwan).

I say tentative, not because of disc quality, but because you haven’t mentioned your drive, and Verbies are an all-round safe bet. :slight_smile: