Which dvd+r DL disk to use?

I Have a Benq DW1620 with firmware B7W9. Which dvd+r dl disks will work? I tried TDK 8X dvd+r dl-(ricohjpn-MediaID 001 rev.067) using TMPGEnc dvd Author 2.0. It states - recording successful - but my 2 dvd players, Toshiba&Sony won’t play! They constantly displays …Loading…but never load!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :bow:

Did you booktype them to DVD-ROM? Try Verbatim brand MIS

Can’t say any better. :bow:

Just use Verbatim Brand DL (MIS) rolling56 says
it is save your money & Time

Poor guy, just buy verbatim media only, do not buy any other brand unless any other brands are made in singapore.

dont know why the business bureau hasn’t jumped in to stop other companies such as ritek, ricoh, cmc from making dl discs since they are not usable.

I laughed when I saw an article from cdfreaks a few months back that ricoh is introducing 16X DL media. They cant even make 2.4X DL media playback at 80% successful rate, how are they gonna make 16X DL media???