Which DVD Players read/play AVI files?

A good quality AVI format movie file takes double the bytes when converted to VOB (DVD format) of similar quality, meaning the AVI format is better then DVD format.

I have 12 episodes of 50 minutes each TV serial in AVI format saved as DATA in one disc of 4.7GB (quality equiv to DVD Standard Play). Fortunately this disc can be played in my home DVD Recorder/TV Tuner “TERAPIN” I bought from Singapore 3years back. But the same disc is not played by any of the latest DVD players like Philips, L.G, etc. Please let me know which DVD players other then mine can play AVI.

Thank you.

Many will if you do a google search. I have 2 Philips, one RCA, Plus one Panasonic DVD recorder that will with no problems. Note some may require you to use discs recorded on DVD -R disks, and be media brand sensitive.

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Your comment concerning the AVI Video Format is “Better” than the DVD Video Format is your particular personal opinion. Quite frankly attempting to cramp 12 50 minutes TV episodes (10 hours of Video) on a blank 4.7 GB DVD disk is a very unrealistic endeavor.

With all the problems you are encountering (this Forum posting and your “Adding Subtitle to DVD burning” Forum posting) indicates that you either have a problem with the particular Authoring and Editing procedures your are attempting to use or a problem with the quality of the particular blank DVD Media you are using.

The specific Authoring and Editing procedures used and the quality of the particular blank Media used are extremely important factors in the success of your Video project. If your Authoring and Editing procedures are flawed and/or you are using poor quality problematic blank DVD Media your Video project will fail to perform correctly.

Suggest visiting the Video Edit Software Forum and closely review the information provided in that Forum to assist your with the particular problems you are encountering.


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My newly-purchased Phillips DVDR5500 will play .avi files.

Look for a Divx player. (Divx Ultra Certified) if you can find one. Ebay is a great source, you can find a very good one for under 50 dollars!

[QUOTE=Chip Buffalo;2104301]Look for a Divx player. (Divx Ultra Certified) if you can find one. Ebay is a great source, you can find a very good one for under 50 dollars![/QUOTE]

So, if it plays divX does that mean it will play AVI files ??

in short…yes