Which DVD Player?



What are some good/cheap dvd players to buy that have no problem playing many forms of burnt media?


Welcome to CDF,
Philips 642/37 are great. They play anything you feed them. Good 1.5X zoom.
They range in price from $30.00 to $60.00 here in the US. Best player for the buck IMO. The remote is kinda cheap though.


DVP 5140 has replaced the 642 in my area. About the same except 5140 has faster fast forward and supports Divx a little better. Like wobble said the remote is kind of crappy. Small though.


I have 3-4 of the Philips models listed above and they are my first choice. Double check the audio out if you need optical as I recall that most cheap units are dropping it in favor of coax.


Any others? DivX support is not a big concern, I just want something that I’m sure will play DVD-R and possibly some dual layer stuff for SURE. It could be a $25 player for all i care.


Both BenQ and Lite-On also meet your requirements.



Most anything JVC will usually play anything (and the remotes are good too-eh!)


If we are talking about stand alone DVD player then I agree the JVC is very good one also.