Which dvd player should I buy?

Hi everyone, I’m currently looking for a new dvd player as my old old cheap apex isn’t working anymore. I would like one that plays back many formats like divx avi’s, etc. I don’t really know how much dvd players have come along these past few years. I would also love if it would be able to read and play subtitle files, like .srt or .sub, along with my videos. I head the Philips players are good. Also, I hope I can find these dvd players at Wal-mart, K-mart, Target, and Best Buy. Thank you again.

Why not buy an Apex again? They are cheap will last a couple of years. Also Mintek is good for its cheap too and will play anything. Check it out at Fry’s Electronics. I don’t believe in spending alot for a DVD player only. Look for the sales too.

I have an RCA DRC285 and DRC290 and a Pioneer DV-400V all of which have DivX Ultra playback capability. They all get the job done. The DRC285 can be found at K-Mart for $50-$55 and it has a USB port (as does the DV-400). It will also play WMV files. The DRC290 is a five disc changer with no USB port. If you are looking for a fairly capable budget player with USB capability then I recommend the DRC285. If you are willing to pay for better build quality and require DTS sound pass through then get the DV-400. If you want a multi-disc changer (no USB port) then go for the DRC290. As you stated, Philips also makes good budget Divx players.

One thing I will mention is having a USB port is very useful. It allows me to have a huge amount of movies and music easily accessible, saves burning discs and turns the player into the equivalent of a mega multi-disc player. They will also play files from USB flash drives which is super convenient.