Which DVD media to use (for TDK 4x DVD+R writer)?



i need help!!!people…

i bought a TDK INDI DVD 4X BURNER from ebay, but i don’t know which media to use with it?
can i use 2.4 DVD+R to burn video?



Yes. You can use 2.4x DVD+R, 2.4x DVD+RW, and 4.0x DVD+R media with your TDK 4x writer drive. Currently, there are very few 4.0 DVD+R media so you have to wait for more if you want to write at 4x DVD+R speed (without paying a lot I mean.)


i would also like to know which media to use for the TDK indiDVD. i recently purchased one and i was thinking about get a 50-pack spindle of the FUJI for $99.00.

please if anyone used the FUJI DVD+R, i would greatly appreciate your comments on the experience on using them. Thanks!!