Which DVD media player do you recommend?

Hi all, can someone recommend a good media player for DVD. Specifically want to do still capture from DVD. Have Nero 6 and need a bit better quality also purchased Orion DirectDVD HD which seems to be overkill. Some direction in finding a user forum for Orion would be great as well.
Thanks in advance les :confused:

VLC Media Player is my Choice http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
It has a great layout for the keyboard (like a remote control) use SPACE to pause and there are many more things.
I also use http://www.cyberlink.com/multi/products/main_1_ENU.html which is not free but it looks pretty good (about even with VLC) only reason I use it is cause it came with my DVD Burner.
I also use CoreMedia Player http://www.corecoded.com/ which has a nice look to it.

another vote for VLC.

the best thing about VLC is no codec packs or wondering if something will play…

if VLC can’t play it, it’s pretty safe to say that it can’t be played. That program will handle ANYTHING you throw at it. I use it as my default dvd, video clip, AND mp3 player on my computer.


Thanks everyone appreciate the feedback, cheers les