Which DVD/HDD recorder?


I am looking to buy a DVD recorder with a 160gb HD.

Can anyone recommend a good one for around £250…I was looking at the LG Rh-188, it looks to have a lot of features including DivX playback.

Is there another one similar to this so that I can compare the features before I commit to buying.

Thx in advance.

It would be helpful to include the name
of your country. :slight_smile:
I’m in the USA, so I don’t know if the recorders
in my signature are available where you are.

I am in the UK.

I have checked out both the Lite-On HD-A760GX and LVW-5055GDL+ both of which has a 250GB capacity…but the only thing it doesn’t have is a HDMI connector, is this a necessity, otherwise they are better value for money with the bigger hard drive.

As far as I know, HDMI is a luxury, not a necessity.

How good is the A760, is it a replacement for the 5055GDL+?

I have read reviews on the 5055 which critisises the playback features.

  • The Negative (from http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=16813&PageId=13)

    • Several annoying playback “features”
    • Does not allow you to remove channels when using auto search mode of TV Tuner
    • Macrovision protection cannot be “removed”
    • Not 100% compliant despite being advertised as DivX certified
    • Doesn’t recognize DVD±R DL (DVD+R DL booktype) during playback
    • Doesn’t support WMV9/Mp4 media formats

You need to find a review of the HD-A740GX.
It’s the same machine as the 760 except for the
size of the hard drive (160 GB).
Or do a search in this forum.