Which DVD format will be the standard, showdown in 2003

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The battle rages on in the writable DVD market. Consumers who have bought DVD burners up to this point have experienced many compatibility problems. Each corporation seems to have its own ideas…

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WOOHOOOO!!! finally dvd-multi are on the way!!!

What do you like so much about it ? :wink: It’s only DVD-R(W) and DVD-RAM and according to our poll almost nobody likes DVD-RAM…

iamrocket as newsposter!

DVD-RAM isn’t very popular with consumers, but its still used in a lot of businesses. If you have a lot of data backed up onto DVD-RAM, having a DVD Multi drive lets you read/write to the old discs and will let you use DVD-R/RW too.

Every sign I see from the industry has DVD+R/RW coming out with the win. It features many technological advances over the DVD-R/RW format that were either added too late or won’t be added. The first generation DVD+ recording devices featured faster recording speeds than the DVD- counterparts around the same time of availability. Being a tech enthusiast, I’ll buy a drive that gives me all or most options, but it is clear that we’ll be seeing a lot of DVD+ in the near future.

Well I got a Pioneer A03 and I am very happy with it. I can record movies, and back up my playstation games with out any problems. I hope DVD-R wins out. Cause I hear of more probs with DVD+R not compatible with some dvd players not compatible with my Playstation 2.

Well, I hope this ends soon. I am having betamax/VHS flashbacks and its not pretty. I have begun to say a little prayer that my HP dvd 200i will not end up holding doors open.

I might have said that before, but again: No one could bring up one single point (besides 2.4x rewriting) which makes dvd+rw better. Repeating “dvd+rw is techincally better” again and again won’t change that fact. If you can tell us one point which makes dvd+rw superior, then feel free to post it. But just claiming “it is better” is something like saying “buy a LiteOn drive” to someone who asks you, without saying why. You’d certainly be asked “why” in that case. PS2 should read dvd+r discs. Unless you have tried on your own, I think that you’ve copy-and-pasted this wrong “information” from someone who hasn’t tried it either. If one format wins, then i’m not sure if prices will continue to drops as they do now. So what’s the benefit from either format winning? DVD-RAM: If more companies had added dvd-ram reading to their drives (as Toshiba 1612), then it would’ve been much more interesting for “normal consumers”. But now, it’s too late. The only thing they can do is making a dvd±rw/-ram combo writer and continue to add dvd-ram reading to more dvd-rom drives. At the moment, there is only one dvd+r(w) drive available (which is rebadged by something like 10 companies. No, they can’t be converted into each other). I’m not sure if there will be so many “new” drives. For dvd-rw, there are at least 2 (Pioneer and Toshiba. Asus is rebadged)

Well DVD+RW is better because of its Mount-rainier stuff rather then the old packet writing stuff on DVD-RW I’m waiting for a DVD Dual-Multi that can write all formats and DVD Audio too :g

DVD-RAM was dead in the water from it’s inception. It’s compatible with nothing and as far as I can tell is next to useless. Certainly the battle is between -RRW and +RRW. I’ve just bought a Philips DVDR890 which I have to say is outstanding. Being Philips its a +RRW device, and unlike -RRW equivalent you don’t need to format your RWs everytime you want to record something. I’m sorry to say this to all you -RW supporters…but it’s a dead duck. It’s too technically inferior. …and like “msissons” says, +RW supports Mount Rainier, unlike -RW, and Mount Rainier is where we’re all heading on the PC front at least…

alexnoe: I can’t release too much information, as most of it is confidential due to licensing agreements with Philips. I’ll give you one example of what I was hinting about, which was already said: DVD+ includes Mount Rainier support. This is where the industry is heading as far as demand is concerned and until Pioneer offers the exact same features, they’re always going to be behind and not as desired.

IIRC, the DVD-minus-format is also going to introduce something like DVD-MRW. Ok, DVD+ is ahead with this, but as long as flawy software like InCD must be used, MRW isn’t any good. Only stable software makes it useful, and i’m sure it will take some time till we see any.

I forgot: @MrStimpy: You don’t need to format a DVD-RW disc before recording (or do you call a quick erase of the TOC “formatting”?)

I think DVD-R(W) had much potential over DVD+R(W). After all every family that bought a stand-alone dvd-player will be able to play a DVD-R in 98% of the cases. To be able to play a DVD+R they have to buy a new player. One wont just buy a new player because of a new standard in most cases.

You exagerate a bit. Several players can play at least dvd+r, and for some which can’t, the manufacturers release firmware updates (some don’t of course…)