Which DVD format do you use?

Pick One :slight_smile:

This is a bit of an elementary thread subject for most of us and discussed in the Stickies and Media sections of cdf. But you are new and everyone likes you so…

-R is recognized by virtually all players.
+R is recognized by less players but +R can be booktyped (also called bitsetting) to DVD-ROM (if you buy the right burner) for even better player compatibility than even -R disks.

Try visiting the different areas of cdf to read and learn. And also get used to the cdf “Search” feature for finding answers to common questions you have. Just enter key-words in the search interface.

Aww, everyone likes me so far :-). I feel so loved…sorry if the polls are elementary or in the wrong section…

You need an option to indicate booktype (ie. DVD+R with DVD-ROM booktype).

Not! We need an option to stop this thread! :iagree: It is, like, a 4 years ago question that is extremely well covered in hundreds of threads and postings over, probably, close to the entire history of the “Copy DVD Movie” and “Blank Media” sections of cdf.


I don’t know if the question “Which DVD format do YOU use?” is covered so well? The question isn’t “which format has this or that advantage…” And this question can be asked again from time to time, as preferences might change.
I personally am a “+R” guy, because I only had the best experience with +R media from Ricoh. The -R discs gave me nothing but trouble in the long run, yes even brand names like Verbatim (costing twice as much as +R discs from Ricoh).
The question is probably asked in the wrong forum, maybe some kind soul could move the thread?

I used to use -R media. Had no problems.
I now use +R media setting booktype to DVD-ROM. Still have no problems.
So, I am one of those who would answer differently today than a year ago, but only because my current drive is capable of bitsetting - hence my comment in the earlier post.