Which dvd for 716a



read through this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=115081

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many work to read all and compare… nobody do that work ? :))


In conclusion:

Verbatim media is pretty good.
Taiyo Yuden media is great (like Fuji and Plextor’s own media).
Ricoh is good as well.

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No, not Fuji anymore, have a look at this thread. :frowning:


ummm, if the Fuji is made in Japan it’s still going to be TY…that thread is more pertinent to those who order fuji online and cannot ensure that the discs are MIJ…


I see that Plextor 716A media list (USA) website has changed. There is no Recommended and Compatible media anymore. The Plextor Europe media list website remain the same though.

According to the US website, these are the best media:

Taiyo Yuden: DVD+R/-R
Verbatim/Mitsubishi Chemicals/MCC: DVD+R/-R/RW/DL
Maxell: DVD+R/-R
TDK: DVD+R/-R/-RW (no +RW listed)
Victor: DVD-RW



Ive never heard of victor media before.


That’s true.
If they’re still produced, otherwise the Fuji TYs will be sold out someday.

They probably mean these, but the question is if you can buy them outside of Japan. :bigsmile: :rolleyes:


other than this post which is completely unsubstantiated, what indication is there that Fuji will not continue to use TY as an OEM for their media?


I’ve seen JVC (same as Victor) 4x DVD-RW made in Japan in some retailers in the US.


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Beware! Those Maxell can be very weird stuff!

Especially at 8X…

I thought they were TY…ya, keep dreaming…

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Plexor needs to work on its write strategy for MXLRG03. Pioneers burn them quite well.


Mine is fine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ehh, most of the results I see with Plextor+MXLRG03 are nowhere near that good. I guess you’ve turned into HAMP!!!


HAMP doesn’t have 716A :stuck_out_tongue: and from direct source his 712A is dying. :frowning:


I have to wonder, did HAMP really have that great of a 712A, or did he just manage to get some REALLY good MCC003 batches…


The COLOR Fuji I received by mail were MIT and were Ritek R03. My local BB now has both MIJ and MIT Fuji spindles. Only time will tell what the real story is…

Just make sure when you buy them it states MIJ !!!


That’s true… but until now I heard from many people that Fuji media is now Ritek [Edit: or even RICOHJPN-R02-003 :eek: ], and saw it in all online shops that sell Fujis…

  • We will see. For me, the problem can’t be solved anymore: all my sources for Fuji DVD+Rs now sell the Ritek Fujis. :sad:


Fuji has always had MIT +R media…just don’t see how previously stated misinformation benefits anyone…


Oh, ok, didn’t know that. :o