Which DVD Drive?

My Sony DVD Drive died on me a couple of weeks back. Told myself I could live with just the 104. But no, it’s tough.

Any advice on good DVD drive? reliable and cheap ones preferred (don’t we all want that?!)

Had a look at the Liteon 16X one, any good?



Most folks seem to be happy with the LiteOn LTD-163D, it’s a good reader and ripper, only shortfall is that is reads RW discs at 16x and often slows down to read discs with errors, upside is that it delivers pretty error-free data.

Cool, you know where I could get it cheap(er) (I know they are cheap already…hehehe)?

Try www.NewEgg.com

ah…I am on the other side of the Atlantic (UK)

Nevermind, thanks anyway.


hi, i like the asus E616 16x/48x dvd. it works nice and u can reset the region change limitation by pressing both play and eject buttons when u start the computer.
here the price is very good compared to the competition.

I always liked Asus stuff (Mobo in particular) will have a lok at them!



Yep, ASUS E616 is pretty good; I have one too since last week. Although I still prefer the Pioneer 16x/40x, but he’s more expensive (seems to read/rip faster).

Both drives are easy to unlock (region-codes).

It was a close choice for me, I was looking at the Asus e616 or a Pioneer 106 (i think) at newegg. The slot load pioneer looked nice, but it would have looked funny next to the 48x writer (lite-on) i ordered at the same time. Plus the Asus had easy region reset, and 512k buffer. i havent gotten it yet, but i suspect i will be happy with it. To those who already have it, does it come with dvd playing software? This is my first DVD drive so i dont have any, and i will need some. i also just ordered a visiontek ectasy ti500, does that come with it?

I use a Toshiba SD-M1402. Great drives, and some of the best for CloneCD use. Check out the SD-M1502, and maybe the SD-M1612 drives. I know the SD-M1502 is compatible w/CloneCD, just not sure about the 1612.

Oh! I forgot the other reason I got the Asus. It supports UDMA/100, so if I put it on the same channel as my hard drive (hey it could happen) it won’t slow down the hard drive. As for using DVD drive for clonecd, the cd writer has more reading capabilities when it comes to cds. Just use nero info tool to see. And newegg was great. My first time ordering - I ordered ~9pm EST 7/9, they shipped it on 7/10, and it arrived here 7/12, well packaged with lots of bubblewrap and protection on the RAM, but still compact. I think I paid like $4 for shipping.