Which DVD disc recommend?

Could anyone suggest some brand DVD media for me?

Sure , how about Tayo Yuden ?

Mr. Belvedere

thx for your suggestion, but Tayo Yuden seems quite expensive.

Do you have other cheaper suggestion? Thanks!

How about RiTEK DVD-R G04 & RiTEK DVD+R R02 ?

Apart from the really really odd verbatim, I only use datasafe for both + and -. They are G04s, and ricoh r02s. Can’t go wrong with that.

If you think that TY is too expensive then just try buying a cheap media it will cost you much more in the end (ie coasters), suggest you gotto your drives mfg. web site & check out what media is recommended, as you didn’t say what make or model of dvd burner you have or where you live. In some cases you get the same media brand made in different factories & quality may or may not be as good from one to another. I said this a few times but I guess you need to hear it as well, “We all want the best DVD burners & spend the money for them as well, but when it come to media we try to skimp a bit or a LOT.” Media is the weakest link, spend some money on it. I live in Canada & use FujiFilm the cost for these disc are just a hair under $22.00 cdn for a 5 pack that’s over $4.00 a disc BUT I have burned ZERO coasters. Other brands are Maxell & Memorex, but some burners like certain brands of media more than others, case in point a certain brand of drive I won’t say which one, I read on this web site, doesn’t burn well with TY & thats suppose to be the best. If you require further help give use MORE info.Sometimes you can get these quality brand media on sale, so start looking in those flyers.

Sorry, I’ve just update my profile!

I think I’ve got a BenQ DW800A from my cousin after he had got another DVD burner. To be honest, I have no experience in using a CD/DVD burner in the pass. It’s a very new and luxury thing to me. But, I’m trying to learn it step by step!

My cousin is too busy that he suggested me to visit some popular websties like CD Freaks, CD-R Info and etc.

Although I couldn’t find too much discussion/information for my drive, the application should be similar no matter which drive I’m using. I do have many fool questions which need your help! Thank you!

So, any further suggestion to me?