Which dvd copy software do you recommend?

I need software to make exact copies of dvds and im wandering what software is the best of the best? i would also like to know if any of you have used magic dvd copier and what do you think about it.

Hello masty1213

You will find alot of people have different opinions and likes and dislikes in all the different software. Most software avaliable have trials (if they are not free) and suggest you try them out and pick the one that best meets your needs. You can read about the different software avaliable HERE.

I have anydvd, clonedvd2, dvddecrypter, dvdshrink and others. The point being I have backup software if I have trouble with one. But for the most part I love anydvd and clonedvd mainly because you get updates for life for free. But that software is what meets my needs.

Hope this helps you out.

I like the RipIt4Me / DVD Decrypter / FixVTS combo for ripping. Works great.

Anydvd + Clonecd using Verbatim +R DL discs only (to preserve the original layer break position)

Clonedvd2 will not preserve the original layer break position–nor will Shrink. And using a transcoder (like Shrink, Clonedvd2, Recode, etc.) nor even an encoder, by definition, will not produce an exact copy.

I still find I like to use DVD Shrink to process most rips. I just do a Re-Author, get rid of all the stuff I don’t want and shrink it to fit on a single sided disk. Dual Layer costs a lot more than I wish it did, while regular Verbatim single layer disks are like 30 cents each.

Here’s a good tutorial on Re-Authoring with DVD Shrink:

One of the things I really like about Shrink is that I can preview each sound track to make sure I am able to select the single track I need to listen to the movie properly. That way I can eliminate all of the commentary, interviews, foreign language stuff and help maximize the quality by reducing the amount of compression needed.

If I can get 80% quality or higher, I’m totally happy with the results and on my regular TV don’t think I can tell the diff between the original and the backup.

Any of these will do what you want

AnyDvD + CloneCd
AnyDvD + DvD Decrypter
DvDFab Platinum
RipIt4Me + FixVts + DvD Decrypter

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AnyDVD and CloneDVD used together have worked the best for me for EXACT copies.

I have to go with DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, Ripit4me and Fix Vts. I have had no issues on any DVD I have attempted to rip and copy. All have updates with the exception of DVD Decrypter which is now, defunct, per say. Takes a bit longer than other one click software programs since you are using combinations, but the results are the best.

Tried others, always go back to the best. And the best is all free to boot.

Free is a very good price. :slight_smile:

not all the times you can compare free with quality, i among most recommend anydvd and clonedvd2 ( or clone cd) keep in mind to have 100% audio and video with no conpression you are REQUIRED for most (i’d say 98%) of the dvds are dual layer when you need a dl disc. if you want to do backups that look great for being back ups then anydvd and clonedvd 2 is still the answer and both under 50 bucks and are usualy on promo price … but if you buy clonecd clonedvd2 and anydvd you get better bundle price as the list goes…

I 100% disagree.

Latest versions of AnyDVD have had problems, and imo, DVD Shrink has ALWAYS been better than the Clone products.

At this stage, there is just no reason NOT to use RipIt4Me or DVDFab Decrypter instead of AnyDVD, and there is no reason TO use AnyDVD when these free options are available and are having so few problems by comparison.

i havnt hard any issues on my andvd /clonedvd2 both are and i have 2 pcs one is very high end and one is messed up tweeked/currpted files and both work like charm… i hanvt tried most of the “freeware” but im happy with these softwares like they say " if it anit broken dont fix it " so i never bother …

Hey, if you are happy, that is what matters most.

I’m just sayin’, if folks have not alreay spent the money on AnyDVD, there is no reason to at this stage. With at least 2 totally free alternatives, both of which are less problematic than AnyDVD, just save the money for something else.

It’s good to see free apps hold up so well against retail products, and at times even surpass them. It’s good to support them to encourage more developers to make great free products. Open Source might be even better, though not always (forking can be a problem sometimes).

As mentioned several times allready, then RipIt4Me for ripping ISOs of DVDs and then ImgBurn for writing the ISOs to dual layer Verbatims with perfect layer break possitioning.

As BeardedKirklander said, then there is no need to spend any money on any payware apps, when there are several great freeware solutions available :bow:

I agree 100% with BK. With Ripit4Me or DVDFab Decrypter to rip, DVD Shrink to compress, add ImgBurn and you have all you need and the results are excellent! All for free. Can’t be beat at any price!

Clonedvd2 will not preserve the original layer break position–nor will Shrink.
Why is that important??

BeardedKirklander; Would you point out these issues with AnyDVD as I thought it was THE program to use?

I was a devoted AnyDVD user myself, until recently. Now I have decided to simply give up on that software and not use it any more. So given that, perhaps I’m a bit biased against AnyDVD - just to let you know.

That said, AnyDVD is a device driver that sits between the optical disk hardware and the operating system. It is designed to be in memory all of the time, monitoring/watching what is going on and trying to find out when to take action and when to simply pass through the data and not process anything.

By their very nature, device drivers are much more complicated than stand-alone, post processing programs such as DVDFab Decrypter, for example. Because they are so complicated, it is easy to understand that they might be more prone to bugs and conflicts.

Not only does AnyDVD have to handle on-the-fly decryption, it has to be able to interact with whatever other apps you are using to access the DVD, such as DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, DVD MovieFactory, etc. It has to “interface” with both the optical disk and the program and do processing / decrypting all at the same time. It can get to be quite a mess.

So while AnyDVD tries to be all things to all people, as it were, other apps are out there that are basically focused on a single task - ripping the DVD to the hard drive while removing all copy protection.

Take DVDFab Decrypter, for example. It is 100% Free and is very basic in function. You open it up into memory and all it does is go to the optical disk, read the data once, remove the protection and write it to the hard drive. That’s it. When it is finished, you close the program and it unloads from memory and you can move on to the next step, with whatever program you want.

It doesn’t have to worry about interfacing with other programs, nor does it need to do any other work that AnyDVD does. It is designed to load, do its job and get out of the way.

The RipIt4Me / DVD Decrypter / FixVTS solution is a bit more involved, but basically, the same principle exists. You load it into memory ONLY when you need it, decrypt the DVD to your hard drive and then by closing the apps, they are removed from memory and are completely out of the way. When you close those apps, you are done with the decryption process and can open up the video in whatever app you want.

So, because those apps are more focused, and all they really do is rip the vid to the hard drive and remove copy protection, they are easier to maintain, program and debug. There is much less you have to take into account.

When you add to the mix that BOTH of those solutions are FREE, they start to look like the best option out there.

As for specific problems AnyDVD is having, you could check the AnyDVD threads, and maybe the threads to see a list of them.

But off the top of my head, they involve the inability to decrypt new releases (to be fair, all of them may need to be updated to handle new releases), apparently causing system instabilities and lockups, conflicts with a variety of applications and other system drivers and other similar things.

The device driver model is one that is showing itself to be problematic. If AnyDVD was a stand-alone program that ONLY handled decryption, it would probably be easier to keep stable and functional. But it tries to do too much, imo, and as a result, is losing sight of the original goal - to simply decrypt DVD’s. All that, and it costs $40. A Slysoft rep here has said that even though the original $40 purchase was said to include free lifetime upgrades, they may well charge for the ability to work on Windows Vista.

To me, it’s just not worth it to even bother to use the thing, and it’s certainly not worth buying when you have at least 2 other alternatives that are 100% FREE and get the job done without all the drama.

Hope that explains it well enough. :slight_smile:

I still use DVD Shrink a lot - over here in the UK, we’re pretty lucky with copy protection, and some of the new movies will still work fine with it. With ImgBurn to burn the ISO, of course :wink:

For copy protections that Shrink can’t handle, DVDFab Platinum is my next choice.

With those two, I seem to get the job done. :slight_smile:

BeardedKirklander; Thanks much for the reply. I only run it when I copy a DVD. It doesn’t load at startup so it isn’t running all the time which it surely doesn’t need to. Less is better.

I will look into those programs you mentioned.

Glad to give the comments. I hope you enjoy tinkering with all the goodies!

Happy burning,