Which DVD can read audio protections

I want to buy a dvd rom, to compliment a lite on 32x cd writer that reads audio protections. Any ideas?

toshiba 1612 dvd rom

it can do key2audio…for sure

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[B]toshiba 1612 dvd rom

it can do key2audio…for sure [/B]

The problem with this statement is that there are several versions (3?) of Key2audio used… Does the Toshiba read all versions? (The same goes for CDS200… which has at least 2 different versions.)

i just the latest Blank and Jones cd…do not know what version it is…

can you give me a link to a list…i will try it for you if i can get the cd’s

I don’t have a list… I think it would be very hard to get a reliable list. In order to say something conclusive about the protection on cds you need to consider that protection varies from continent to continent, from country to country, from batch to batch. On Fatchucks others has given it a try…

I can give you my personal list:

Shakira - Laundry service (S0100400249-0101 18 c13, ifpi outerring L558, ifpi innerring 94z8) => key2audio v2
Jennifer Lopez - J to tha lo remix album (S0100405761-0101 32 A10, ifpi outerring L552, ifpi innerring 946R) => key2audio v3

Natalie Imbruglia - White lillies island (Sonopress A-63018/4321895222 A, ifpi outerring 0725, ifpi innerring LB46 (or L846?)) => CDS200 v2???

According to reports on the forum of Brennmeister key2audio v1 had a visible ring (just like cds200), so you could use the marker-trick to bypass the protection. V2 is the hardest version, no visible ring. V3 is a more relaxed version, probably to increase compatibility. My LiteOn ltr-40125s won’t read v2, but can read v3.

About CDS200 I can only refer to reports also found on Brennmeister. A German hit-cd-series called Bravo Hits is using CDS200 for a long time (The Germans are ahead regarding the use of copyprotections compared to the rest of the world.) Apparently there was a change from BH35 to BH36 in the CDS200 version. A moderator of the audio forum stated that his LiteOn ltd-163 (fw gh5e) could not read BH35, but could read BH36. My LiteOn ltd-163 (same fw) cannot read my Natalie Imbruglia cd, so I conclude that I have v2 of CDS200… I don’t know what v1 of cds200 is about, but on the same forum is referred to this version.

So if you really want to make a reliable list and to compare your results to mine, you need to find the above disks with all the numbers right… And this is really hard!

I have copied with my TOSHIBA SD-M1502 the SWEPISODE2 BSO which is protected with Key2Audio but i don’t know version exactly.


Does your UltraPlex PX-40TS read key2audio v2 properly?


Sure! No problem there! Plextor rules, this old drive is still one of the best cd-rom players around, especially with all these audio copy protections!



Thanx for this fast reply.
Are there in fact no audio protections, which can defeat the UPlex?
Wow, although this drive sucks on reading data-subs (SecuROM), there’s (almost) no better drive for audio, hehe.

Apparently MediaCloq/Doc.loc can’t be defeated by the Ultraplex… But I cannot confirm this because I don’t have a cd with this protection…