Which DVD burners are quiet during boot up / power-on?

Hello all,

I’ve read many posts and reviews about quiet optical drives, but one thing I have never seen mentioned is how much noise these drives make during PC boot-up.

I guess this is probably not usually an important requirement, but when the drive is intended for a PVR system that may turn on during the night for scheduled recording, then it becomes an issue.

For example, I have a Liteon LDW-411s that is quite a good drive, and relatively quiet during use, but during power-on, it makes a loud whirring noise for about 1 second. (I actually opened the drive to see where this is coming from - the laser sled motor moves the sled to the start of its track, but keeps spinning for a while longer. The noise is produced by the motor gear clicking against the worm gear on the sled since it can’t move any more).

So my question is - can anyone recommend a DVD burner that is quiet on boot up? Quiet operation would be good too, but not critical.



So is everyone’s drive noisy on power-up?

Let’s widen the question. If you’ve got a dvd burner - post the model, and say what kind of noise, if any, it makes when the PC boots up.


You have to consider the noise with a dvd inside or empty… BenQ 1655 is a quiet one…

Sorry, I should have specified…I’m mainly wondering about the noise without a disc inserted.

Thats good news about the BenQ.

I haven’t noticed any of mine being noisy during power up. I’d suspect it’s more a problem with your old Liteon.

I have the following in use:- Pio 111L, Benq 1650, Benq 1620, Liteon 1635s, LG 4163B, NEC4570 & NEC 2500

Lite-On 165 that I have is quiet

Yep, same here.

My Benq 1650 is [I]very[/I] quiet upon boot up.

Thanks for all the responses.

Looks like a Benq 1650/1655 is a good option.


40 is noisy when burn but I dont think it sound any thing during boot up, 55 is very quite even burning but very picky on media while 40 is not

YES! Now the difficult part is finding one… :wink: :wink: :wink:

That depends on where he lives.

You can still buy some Benq 1650/1655 drives pretty much everywhere in the UK.

Similar experience here.
Never had a drive making noise without an disc inserted…

I’m in Ireland, so yes I’ll probably be buying from the UK. (Yes, I read all the news about BenQ when I went to look up these drives!)

Anyway, it sounds like the Liteon model I had was just a dud, or even just my drive was bad.

TimC, have you noticed if these drives actually do anything when they are powered-on [B]without[/B] a disc inserted? I was under the impression that all drives would move the laser sled back to its “home position” as part of the power-up routine.

They may well do something at power on as on most the light comes on briefly but I’ve never noticed any noise from them. My boxes are fairly quiet so any noise would be noticed.

Yeah that’s right.

I think I can remember some of the older CD drives used to make a noise for about 2 seconds when the green light turned on upon boot up.

The newer drives don’t do that anymore. :disagree: