Which DVD Burner?

Ok, I know it’s a stupid question, but I have to make it anyway…

…it’s 3 days that I’m searching infos on the best DvD Burner and I can’t understand nothing…

I’ll use it exclusively for data cd and video dvd, and on Verbatim DvD-R 8x (ID: MCC), can someone tell me what should I buy? :slight_smile:


Cheap and good! Go to Office Max today and get the Micro 1608 for $39. I have two. Get a rain check if they are out and insist on the Mad Dog for a substitute.

My 3500 takes twice as long with rip lock. I am keeping both 1608s.
Mouse Hunt took 8 mins to encode. WOW!

I need 16x DvD-R and at least 4x on DL :slight_smile:

The Mad dog will do that. Get a sub or rain check.

buy a plex 716a
worth the extra money in my opinion

Nec or Benq are the best. :slight_smile:
Plextor 716a is not worth the extra money in my opinion.

What about the Pioneer 109?

You asked for the best. :eek:

Pioneer 109D can be made to rip faster than most but has problems with bitsetting as I recall. NEC will do bitsetting but has problems with ripping. LG does some bitsetting and rips OK. All will burn very well, as will BenQ when they work. There is no single best drive, most of us have our favorites and many of us buy more than one. If you jump in without taking the time to see if you need any of the different features, you might later wish you had a different model.

NEC, Pioneer, LG, BenQ, and Plextor will all do well burning on the Verbatim media you mention. If you are absolutely sure that all you will want to do is data and DVDs to MCC, the Pioneer will do very well and will rip very fast with a firmware switch. If you don’t want to mess with firmware hacks the rip speed will depend on the media you intend to rip. Let us know more about how you plan to burn DVDs.

benq die past a few months and qscan are at least a bit optimistic :D.
nec dont support bitsetting (officially,at least until a few time ago)
no c2 erros, no plextools, no 2 years of fast warranty.
No black bezel and maybe no ide cable.
Shitty support from Nec.
Hacked firmware for me no thanks. (void warranty)
plex can burn x6 +/-DL

From what everyone has been posting about the plextor you need that 2 year warranty. :rolleyes: Also you can go to Newegg and a few other sites to buy as many refurbished plextors as you want so what does that say. :eek:
As far as support you couldn’t get any better then what you get at this forum. :bigsmile:
As far as hacked FW if you read over in the plextor forum they’ve been asking for it and judging by what plextor puts out they need all the help then can get. :eek: :rolleyes: One more thing who cares about support for a write mode for media they don’t even make by the time they do I’ll be on to a better burner with even more options at a lower price. :bigsmile:
Who knows my next one may a Blu-ray DVD burner. :bigsmile:

Guys! The Mad DOG is a NEC3520 at Office Max. You just missed a possiible substitute for $39 for the 1608. Several have got the Mad dog as a sub item. Sale over.

every product sold in UE have 2 years warranty, plex will collect your in home.

only in US , they got the trash :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:

you are an optimistic

they ? who?
And if Nec or Benq are so good , why they use hacked fw?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

716 is a great burner also. BB was having a price match for $101 and there is an online rebate for $30=$71 after rebate. :smiley:

Maybe OM,OD,BB,CC, etc are having some sales this Sunday. Check the ads.
Newegg.com/buy.com for everything else.
The Nec, Aopen, Plextor have been great drives so far. The AOPEN out reads them all but is a slow burner. Nec/Plex are the fastest burners so far in my stable. :cool:

PS/ I have never had a bad Pioneer product of any kind. Some say BQ is good also. Just go out and buy two. One for a reader and the other for your burner. Enjoy the bug we all have. :iagree: :cool:

Here Here. Enough said, buy three!

Oh no! Someone stop me, I can’t help myself…there goes my mouse to the “place order” button…ARGHHHH. I just got a 109D and $62 just went out of my account!!!
Curse you CDFreaks :wink: :wink: :wink:

Pioneer is a good drive, a good choice.

Yes I’m sure, I use dvd burner only for dvd-videos and for cd with divx, I’m a film collector :smiley:

And I have 500+ Verbatim MCC at home :smiley:

Thx for your help!

Where did you get a pio for $62 damn it!