Which DVD-Burner to purchase?

After wasting a lot of verbatims, and following 3 different tutorials, I think that my DVD burner is the issue. I can’t properly burn xbox 360 games. My current burner is the: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S202J which has dual layer capabilities but doesn’t seem to have book-type settings. Can anyone find out if it is actually possible to burn backups using this burner?

Also can someone tell me which the ideal burner would be to buy? Try not to make it too expensive, but I don’t want the cheap ones either, that stop working after a month. Thanks a lot.


Before you go looking for a new burner:

If you’re after setting the booktype, have you tried patching the official firmware with C0deKing’s Patch Utility?

Permanent booktyping works well for me on my SATA 203N, using firmware patched with the utility.

Be aware the using patched firmware will void any warranty, though.

BTW, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Hi, I am having the same problem. I have a SHW-160P6S that I crossflashed to a SHM-165P6S a while back due to issues with burning DL discs. Even though it appears to burn fine, the DL discs are still not readable in my hacked XBOX360. I am using Verbatim DVD+R DL discs and I have already set the booktype to DVD-ROM with no luck.

What drive should I get that will do quality burns of DL discs?

@ shawnmos,

I seriously doubt that your XBox 360 BackUp Copying problems is a SHW-160P6S/SHM-165P6S DVD Burner, Book Type BitSetting, and/or Verbatim DL Media problem.

Making Xbox 360 BackUp Copies is an Science/Art procedural task and when not performed correctly results are less than desirable. Suggest visiting the Xbox 360 Scene (http://www.xbox360-scene.com) for detailed information.


Hi, I figured it out. In case any one else has the same problem xbox360 backups must have their layer break at 1913760. This is usually contained in the .dvd file, but if not you can manually set it in ImgBurn in the Settings under Write.

This fixed my problem. :slight_smile: