Which DVD Burner to get? YOU DECIDE! =s

After a very very long time of thinking…:confused: I STILL CANT DECIDE… :a

there are 3 DVD Burners i am tossing up between and they are priced very close to each other and most of them have very similar features… thats why a cant guess… they are:

[li]LiteOn (SOH - 1693S)
[/li][li]Sony DWD26A10
[/li][li]LG 4163B

Can you please answer me which one you think i should buy and why? :slight_smile:

You may suggest a whole other one if you provide a link to it… but try to stick to LG Sony or LiTEON !

Thanks Guys :slight_smile:

here are links to each product to help you make your decision :slight_smile:

LG GSA 416oB:

Sony DWD26A10:

Lite On 1693s:

anyone? =)

The sony and the liteon are almost identical. The DWD26 is just a liteon 1673S!!

Now you just need to make up you mind between the 1693S and the LG!!!
If you want to play around with you drive (hacked FW, speed mod, scans…) then go with the liteon.
If you just need a drive to burn datas or movies in a more common way … then go with the LG.

hmmm… very good point…

I must confess… i am leaning most towards the Lite On!

But is there a difference to what they can and cant burn?

-The 1693S can burn DVD DL -R
-The LG can burn DVDRAM

-The 1693S fully support Bitsetting
-the LG partially only

-The LG is a great -R burner
-The Liteon is better with +R

Hmmm… so LiteOn can Burn DL -R as well as +R?
But LG Can burn DVDRAM?

Whats the difference between DVD DL (R9) and DVD RAM???

=) I appreciate your help bichonn

DVD RAM is used like a floppy drive. DVD-R DL are DVD-R discs that are 2x the capacity of normal DVD-R.

dvdram can hold 5.2 Go of data and can be erased just like a floppy disc! This type of media doesn’t have a great future!!!
DVDDL are still too expensive, and is still not widely used.

I would go with the liteon as it is newer!!! But remember that the 1693S is probably the last 3S liteon serie!!! In a month or two you should see the 5S serie coming. In fact it is already in the market (I think) in some asians countries. I am talking about the 1635S.
I don’t want to offense any LG users, I really think the 4163 is a very good drive, but the 1693S offers more features and is supported by a very large community!

Thank You Chriso and Bichonn…

after a lot of thinking, researching and your help :slight_smile: i have decided to go for the lite on…

DVD - RAM are quite expensive meadia and not many DVD drives even support them… more drives support DVD DL ®

Anyway… im going to drop by my local store and pick a LiteOn 1693S this Sunday…

I will tell you how it is after i use it :iagree:

Once again… thanks 4 ur help guys :wink:

I would totally get the LG. DVD-R DL has a limited future and has no advantages over +. DVD-RAM is actually pretty useful for backups and is also used a lot in DVD recorders. It’s true that the LG doesn’t fully support bitsetting but the only omission is with DVD+RW media. That’s easily solved by using DVD-RW media instead, or having a DVD player that isn’t from the '80s. :slight_smile: It’s also the fastest 16x burner out there.

back to the drawing board…

some say LG others say LiteOn…

i would appreciate more opinions!


Why don’t you just foul around in both the LG forum and Liteon forum since your options are limited to both brand.
Like I told you both drives are very good. One offers DVDRAM support, the other offers DVD DL -R support. Between both option wich one you might need ???

generally i dont rwally need any…

Between those two drives I would personally go for the Liteon. The LG is a good burner but the Liteon 1693S can be unlocked to allow up to 16x reading and ripping, using OmniPatcher, whereas the LG is 10x and 8x. The Liteon uses CAV, PCAV, CLV, whereas the LG uses ZCLV, CLV below 16x. The Liteon is unofficially supported by the CodeGuys ;), whereas LG has no unofficially support other than getting a media list from the firmware.

If I was going to the shop, I certainly know which one I would buy. As bichonn says, just check out the two forums :wink:

The King said …

once again… ive fallen for the LiteOn =D

anywayz… im going on Sunday morning…

so you can still stress your opinion until then …

Well, not to confuse you but NEC burners are excellent.

yes… NEC burners are quite good… but there not quite in my price range atm… im really thinking of ither the lg or the LiteOn…

thnx anyway =)

The LG burn quality speaks for itself. That’s why I bought one, even though I already had two BenQ DW1620s (which are great burners unto themselves).