Which DVD Burner to get please? Thanks

Here is the thing I am getting a DVD Burner because there not much more than just a normal DVD-ROM drive plus it seems stupid to not get one instead of just a DVD-ROM drive. I mainly want it for reading DVDS right now but I am sure I will burn some.

I want to use it for DVD-RW or DVD+RW dvds a lot because you can reuse these dvds a lot. I don’t keep a lot of data forever. Some but not to much. There is no point in my opinion because I will never look at it again if I save everything to DVD-R or DVD+R dvds in my opinion.

Which DVD Burner would be good to get right now? There so many new ones out now but very few reviews and real life stories about them right now. Should I just get a older model instead just to be sure?

Also what media and speed should I get please? Thanks.

You must be new to this forum, try the ‘Search’ function, there’s tons of real life reviews here. My two cents: Benq DW1620 or NEC 3520A Lovem:) Media= Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and TDK but the other guys on the forum will make more choice suggestions.

Well sorta. I haven’t been here in over a year I believe :frowning: Such a great place to miss too.

Thanks. Doesn’t the Benq DW1620 have a high failure wait or a batch of bad drives right now or no? I was reading about it of how newegg got stuck with a lot of bad drives maybe.

Does anyone sell higher than 4x DVD±RW?

Also is any of the DVD media newegg sells any good? I sorta want to buy it all from the same place if at all possible.

Some times Newegg sells decent media for a good price but IMO, go with www.rima.com or www.supermediastore.com for your media purchases. The Egg is OK but these other two specialize in media where the Egg is better for hardware.

The media to get from Newegg is the Verbatim 8X and the Ritek 4X +RW. These three are very good quality and routinely are on sale or with rebates bringing the price close to $30 per hundred. Amazon also has the Verbatim. Keep watching as it is discontinued (Verbatim 8X) and should be at a great price.

I have yet to see any RW readily available faster than 4X, but it is out there. I would stick to +RW.