Which dvd Burner to buy?



Im looking to buy a dvd burner. I would prefer if it was 8x in both formats but 8x in a single format is fine either.
So far my choices are

8x (Z-CLV), 4x, 2.4x (DVD+R)
4x, 2.4x (DVD+RW)
4x, 2x (DVD-R)
2x (DVD-RW)
3x, 2x (DVD-RAM)

Pioneer DVR A07
DVD-R: 8X Z-CLV, 6X, 4X, 2X, 1X
DVD-RW: 4X, 2X , 1X
DVD+R: 8X , 6X , 4X , 2.4X
DVD+RW: 4X , 2.4X

DVD+R/RW speed 8x/4x
DVD-R/RW speed 4x/2x

Nec ND-2500A

Obviously NEC and Pioneer have the advantage of being able to do both formats in 8X.
Any ideas ? My main limitation is i dont want to spend more then 120$( eh thanks ebay )

Or should i wait until something better comes out ?
Thanks in advance.


What about the LiteOn 811S or 812S are they not a contender?


For some reason its always stuck in my mind that something being cheap cant be good. its just one of those brand preferances. In my mind liteon has always been mediocre.

If I cant find anything else, i could try the liteon.

Thanks for your input. My LG burner got away from me on ebay just a few minutes ago :sad:


From all I’ve read, NEC 2500 just seems top notch in writing quality/consistency (even on mediocre media)…it was my choice and I’m happy…

BTW, it’s like at $98 on NewEgg.com now… the top TWO computer products being sold via pricegrabber.com show as the NEC 2500A, that should say something too.


After some time thinking about it.

I will most likely get the MSI DR8.

8X is good plus the “HD burn” looks very promising.
It states it supports overburning - hopefully that means also on dvdr/w media but i guess that depends on the media.

Ill order it sometime this week. If im really bored i`ll post my thoughts about it here.

Speak now or forever hold your peace. I am getting a MSI DR8 :stuck_out_tongue:


overburning is only related to cd burning.


When buying a dvd-writer, burn quality should be your main criterium in my opinion…

This is where the NEC 2500A comes out on top easily. Its burn quality even blows way the LiteOn 811S which is a very fine burner as well.

In the long run, you’re better of with one of these two babies!


go for Pioneer A07
the best choice for dvd burner