Which DVD burner to buy?

Hey guys, I’ve narrowed my choices down to the BENQ DW1655 and the Plextor PX-760A. My two previous burners have been Plextors (W1210A and 716A). In truth I’ve been very pleased with Plextor but the lifespan of those two products have not been long (both lasting a little over a year). Which drive do you recommend? Which drive has the most solid firmware? In terms of software/utilities, which one carries the best bundle?

Thanks in advanced. I would like to purchase one of these drives today…

I have a couple of Benq writers,(1620,1640,1650) and they have been excellent drives I also have several Plextors, (708A,712A,716A and two 760A’s) I have never had a problem with the plextors and the 760’s are the best I have they give me excellent burns with Verbatim +R media which I can pick up fairly cheap at the local sam’s club.

Which one you recommend?

I like the BenQ - excellent drive and software for the price. :slight_smile:

I hear the BenQ drive has a flimsy button as well as the LED light is only one color… true?

Haven’t noticed about the button, but yes, the LED does seem to be one colour on my 1650.

But it’s a quality burner, so I don’t bother about that kind of thing too much. :slight_smile:

I don’t know where the flimsey button thing got started but I’ve seen it mentioned in other posts. I own 7 Benq,s and never seen a problem with the button. Benq,s are excellent drives IMO. Good readers, able to do quality scans, excellent writers (the best IMO), all for a good price. The only Benq,s I would stay clear of is the DQ60 and the 1670 unless you have another drive to do quality scans with which they cannot do, do to the panasonic chipset they use. I have a 1670 that I’m testing now and it seems to be a very good reader and writer with quality media, maybe not quite as good as the 1620,s, 1640,s, and the 1655,s but almost. Just needs the firmware worked with a bit I think. :wink:

Which one you recommend?

I voted for the 760A. but in all honesty you cant go wrong with either choice. my personal preference is the 760A.

For those curious I went with the BenQ DW1655. Just finished installing it. I also got Taiyo Yuden media with it. I performed a quick test with Qscan on Memorex DVD+R media I have and it told me the media is not ok to write on 16x. I wonder if I was the one that killed my PX-716A using Memorex at 16x plus Easy CD Creator 8 (not to mention I had the drive as slave the whole time)…? Can one damage a drive burning at a not recommended speed?

I then used Qscan on the Taiyo Yuden media and it said it’s ok to burn at 16x!!! :iagree:

I never heard of a drive being damaged by burning at a non-recommended speed. You may end up with un-readable media, but that’s about it. I’ve tried burning 8x media at 12x, some times it works, some times it doesn’t. I’ve ruined a few disks, but never a drive.

My 716 lasted 11 months! I hope my R&R will last longer.

So far the BQ and Pioneers are the best with cheap media. The 716 and 4550 do all right will real TYMIJ grade “A” media.
The 111 and 1650 have had very good results by people in this forum. Depends on your system and needs. I would get the Pioneer and make it the master and the 1650 and make it a slave. Very good set up and cheap at Newegg.com.

Good luck!
Saw you got the BQ=great choice. Just make sure you have one master and one slave and DMA is set and your nero Buffer and cache is set to max.
Burn at 8X live long and prosper.

PS/ get the retail version of one and the OEM on the other. You do not need two retail packs! One copy of Nero is enough! LOL If you have nero then don’t bother with the retail packs.
Burn cheap media at 4-8X and the good stuff at 12X. I never burn above 12X these days and seldom at 12X. The BQ does a great job with cheap media. My CMC burns in the 95-98 range consisitantly at 8X.

Thanks a lot for the recommendations etp. I already have two DVD drives in my system and I’m not looking to buy another one anytime soon. My Pioneer drive it’s actually a DVD-ROM. Any particular reason you recommend I get another DVD-RW?

Since I’m using SATA HDs I have two available IDE slots open so I’m using the DVD-ROM on Primary/Master and the DW1655 on Secondary/Master. Is this a good setup?

BTW, the Memorex and TY medias are both 16x…

you are good to go! I like two burners because of media problems and having a back up drive if one gets hosed. I think you have a great setup man! Enjoy!

Agreed there. Congrats on your choice, seelk :clap: